What SchoolKhojo looks into when reviewing School Transport

By Madhurie Singh, January 27, 2016

There are by-laws for the schools to adhere to when it comes to the transport system.

1 All School bus drivers have a minimum of five years' experience.

2 Every school bus have an experienced Lady attendant / Conductor.

3 There are (Two) Fire extinguishers are compulsory on each school bus. Training is given to the Drivers / Attendants on its use, by Fire officers from the local Fire Brigade station.

4 Each Bus necessarily have a First Aid Kit and Drivers / Attendants have beeen imparted with the Training on its use, by experienced hospitals / compounders.

5 School buses have a maximum of 1.5 kids per seat; e.g. A bus with 36 seats should not have more than 54 kids.

6 In addition to the front door and emergency exit at the back, there is mandatorily a rear door situated between the back and the middle of the bus on the right hand side.

7 The windows of the bus must be fitted with horizontal grills so that emergency evacuation is easy and fast.

8 The emergency exit window must not be sealed and should be easily operable in case of an emergency.

9 The word "School Bus" must be written across the rear as well as the front of the bus for Buses owned by Schools along with the telephone number of the school / transport department.

10.1 Schools buses owned are painted yellow with contact number of school transport manager

10.2 For private Buses authorized by the School, the words "On School Duty" must be prominently written on the front and the rear of the Bus, along with the telephone / contact number of the Transport Operator and Painted Yellow.

11 The mobile number of the bus owner is written across the bus for privately run Buses, authorized by the School.

12 In addition to a door at the front, there has to be another emergency door on the right side, towards the rear of the bus. This door must extend from the windows to the floor of the Bus.

13 The emergency door have handles on both sides so that it can be opened from the inside and the outside

14 The handles are covered with glass or plastic.

15 Optional Buses have an alarm that goes off when the emergency door is opened

16 Optional Lights start blinking when the rear door is opened. Note : Point Nos 15 and 16 are optional and not compulsory for the present.

17 There must be a rear exit window made of transparent glass. Its dimensions should be 39 inches by 23 inches and 3 inches by 8 inches

18 Emergency window have a handle on the inside as well as the outside.

19 The main door of the School Bus should be invariably locked and fastened properly, while the Bus is in motion and should be only opened when children are boarding and/or alighting.

20 Each Bus have one Conductor and Lady Attendant. (Any parent / Guardian or a Teacher may also be allowed to travel to ensure these Safety norms).

21 All Road Transport Offices in the state's new norms are implemented by bus operators and manufacturers.

22 All Schools will necessarily have a Transport Committee, comprising of the Principal, Transport Management and two / three parents who will meet regularly/periodically, to discuss shortcomings and bring about the required improvements in the quality of services rendered.

23 All buses have tracking system of one type of another

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