What to do when my child does not talk in the school interactions?

By Madhurie Singh, November 29, 2013

Imagine this scene:

You are well prepared for the interaction with the principal of the school they got a call from. Your own question answer session went well. And then the principal of the school asks your child, “Do you like to go to school?”

Your child has not even made an eye contact with the principal, leave alone the answering part.

The principal again asks the same question.

No answer again from your child again.

The principal having immense patience asks the child another question.

“What is your name?”

This time your child runs and takes your saree pallu and covers his/her face!

“Ok Mr and Mrs XYX, thank you!” is the last words you hear from the principal of this coveted school!

It’s a nightmare for all parents!  But relax. You can not do anything about it at that time.

Can you do anything before you meet the principal that will save the day?

Yes you can.

What you can do is that prepare you tiny tots in a very easy, no stress and simple way how to face the strangers and above all answer the questions? I will share a few thing of the many tips.

  • 1 or 2 days before the interaction with the principal – just leave the child alone. You should have taken the steps mentioned below months in advance.
  • 1 week and more, well !  You still have some time, though not enough.
  • See the list of questions from this link here and write them down or read them once. https://madhuriesingh.com/index.php/2009/nursery-preschool-jrkg-questions-for-admissions-in-pune-schools/
  • Now very casually ask your child 5-10 questions in ENGLISH only.
  • The First few times he/she will not answer. You ask again and give the answers too.
  • Repeat this process 4-5 times a day while eating, playing, bathing, walking etc.
  • So you have reinforced the questions in a playful way manner and the child knows the answers too.
  • Repeating several times makes it engraved in their minds so much so that now any stranger asks them any of these basic questions, they will rattle off the answers without really THINKING or feeling SHY.
  • That is how muscle power works. 🙂  (Although brain cells are the muscles, the repetitions only makes that many links between the memory cells, thus easy to recall.)

Good luck. For many more such tip keep reading the old and new articles. To get these in shot, attend my workshop, webinar or phone consulting. Click here to contact me now!  Did you like this article and want more of such tips, them write your comments below.

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