What's Right Age for Admission in Nursery and First Standard, Pune Schools, India?

By Madhurie Singh, December 08, 2009

I installed a new plugin which tells me what people are searching on my blog. Right age popped up too many times for me to advice on.

Indirectly, I am being shouldered more responsibility by young parents in answering this very confusing yet important question.

I am glad I never had this doubt mainly because I was part of the confusion for my parents. When it was my turn  to be admitted into school at the age of 4 years, my father was transferred from Khadakpur to Dhanbad.  There was some confusion about the academic year being in January in Dhanbad as compared to June in Khadakpur, or vice versa.

So my parents preferred to work hard to get my elder sis admitted to the school. After they went through all the hassle, they decided I could wait for another year. I was happy as I never wanted to goto school for a long time. So to cut the story short, I was always the oldest in my class which I used to proudly declare until we were in Calcutta. Then as I grew older, giving away age became more and more difficult. But thankfully that tale ended in engineering as there,  no one was interested in age. 😉

I was always very sensitive. So I shudder to even imagine had I been admitted a year earlier by my parents to a school, I would have turned into a totally different personality. The confidence and learning is directly related to age. Don’t you feel much confident today as compared to 10 years back? This same 10 years is equivalent in my opinion to 10 months when a child is as young as 4 years. What I mean is when kids are young, then every month is equivalent to a year in terms of learning and overall development.

Imagine the intake, the ability to grasp, to comprehend, to execute, to understand, to communicate, to talk, to listen and many other intelligence related terms. Now take a baby of three years age and compare with another who is six months older, so 3.5 years old. The second baby has 6 months of excess exposure in all areas as compared to the first baby who is only 3 years old.

Ok we may say that what if both babies know the same stuff as they have been going to a similar playschool together. Even if the knowledge level may be same, there is no way that the emotional and physical development of the younger baby can match to that of the older baby. We all know of the monthly mile charts handed over by the hospitals or pediatricians. Is it not very obvious that with each month there is a new skill that a baby learns, and it would be foolish on the parents’ part to expect that their baby reaches it earlier that expected by a normal child.

A baby starts crawling at the age of  4-6 months and starts walking after 9-12 months and starts blabbering between 10 months to 3 years.
So all children,  if normal,  have a time – range in which they WILL pick a skill. Just because your kid starts walking in the 8th month, do you force him/her to start running the next month?
Like good parents we let the child run when he/she is ready.
Then why do we want to push our children into academics from where there is literally no turning back. Why are we parents so keen to see our kids going to higher class than his/her age permits and feel proud of that mistake?
As per Indian laws a girl is not ready to become a mother before she is 18 years old. Why? Simply because she is physically underdeveloped till 18 years to provide proper nutrition to a baby who will be actually using her body to grow for 9 full months!

Why some parents rush through and want their kids to be admitted early than the age allowed by our Supreme Court? Why Supreme Court has to even pass such a ruling? Do we parents lack that basic common sense to even allow our kids to grow normally like a baby deserves! ( I had this similar feeling when police has to force people to wear helmets to protect their heads! How ridiculous?)
I think I know the answer as again I went through it personally. My first son is Jun 2003 born and hence went through the classes as per the required age criteria. But my second son is Nov 2004 born. I was hassled to my wits bringing up two nearly same aged babies. So to take a breather I chose to admit the first one to  Head Start (6 months) and then to Kangaroo Kids, playschool when he was only 2 years old. He went about his playschool, nursery, LKg as per the schools.

So when the younger one turned 1.5 yrs, he too started his playschool. But since schools begin new sessions in June, he was 6 months younger for his playgroup. Playgroup age is 2-3yrs. I continued his Nursery in Kider Brook. But he remained 6 months younger, but obvious!  So when I had the option I chose to make him go though his LKg = Nursery in DPS again. I am extremely happy with this decision. He is learning at his own pace, no pressure on him from the class teacher, from me or any one else. Not that I give a damn to other people’s opinion when it comes to my kids development and future.

So the time when your child WILL absorb and respond is very much dependent on his/her age. By pushing them early into academics will not turn them into any Einstein/ Leonardo Da Vinci. They were geniuses born with the IQ which had initially labelled them failures and drop-outs! We do not want to see such drastic future for our kids as both were never recognized in their lifetime and had miserable life. So dear parents chill, and follow the right age as mentioned by the Supreme Court.

Here is the age of your child in June of new academic year that you can take a cue from and decide if your child is fit  or underage for a class.

6 year – 7 year = Should in Std 1

5 year to 6 year = Should be in Sr Kr = Prep

4 year – 5 year = Should be in Jr Kg = Nursery (a few schools call it by this name)

3 year – 4 year =  Should be in Nursery = Playschool

2 year – 3 year = Should be at home / Playschool Interaction / No ABCs please

And for your child’s sake,  do not think he/she will loose a year … that’s absurd… how can anyone loose a year.…when the next birthday cake will no doubt get one extra candle!  🙂

Age is not lost … Age is always gained!  Go watch the movie PAA …..


Do you know about 17 th February 2017 's circular of education department of maharashtra about right age for first standard admission ? Plz guide me about this issue...

Hi madhurie,am mom of 2.6 yrs old baby girl.in Chennai army schools ,admissions will be given in the month of March every year.and they are asking 3 years for pre kg.if I wait for next March,she will be 3.6 yrs and it will be delay for her pre kg admission.coming Monday ,interaction session is scheduled with principal.If they ask why am giving early admission, what I have to answer for it.pls give some idea.internally here they are giving admission for 2.6 yrs old child.

Hi Madhurie , My son will complete 3 years of his age on 27th August 2017. We had approached many schools in Pune in the month of October 2016 and kept hearing from them that my son is not eligible for admission to nursery since he does not complete his 3 years as of 31st July 2017. With recent change (new rule saying age criteria now shifted from 31st July to 30th September) my son is now eligible for admissions to all the schools. Now I have started asking for admission to all the schools, but they say their admission procedure is already done :( What should I do now? Should I wait for another year and take admissions then? OR Keep pursuing so that some school gives my son admission?

Try next year

my son is april 2014 born he was eligible or nursery in bangalore

my son is born on 17 Oct 2012. I was trying for nursery he is not applicable in sardar dasture he was 2 months bigger for there age criteria.. so was trying for LKg he is 2 months smaller for LKg. I don't getting any thing what should I do... plzz help me out

Oh. You need to book a consultation. I need to understand the whole and then suggest the schools to you. Kindly Fill Consult Expert Form on www.schoolkhojo.in. Then book a call here. https://www.instamojo.com/madhuriesingh/phone-consultation-with-the-expert-madhurie-/

My daughter is 5th Nov 2009 born now she is in 1st standard is she eligible for tat now

Kindly read the article and decide yourself! Its very clearly written. Else you may book a phone consultation with me. Kindly fill Consult Expert Form on www.schoolkhojo.in. Then book a phone call for one hour. https://www.instamojo.com/madhuriesingh/phone-consultation-with-the-expert-madhurie-/

My son is 6 yrs old . He studies in l st standard in India in Nov. But I shifted to out of country here school started in Jan. So I come but I don't like school bec of language problem so I went to move in India but I have admission problem what can I do . Pls help me.

Dear Archana, I think, you need to have a consultation where I need to understand your entire future requirements too. Kindly fill Consult Expert Form on www.schoolkhojo.in. Then book a phone call for one hour. https://www.instamojo.com/madhuriesingh/phone-consultation-with-the-expert-madhurie-/

my daughter is born in May 2013,when should we try for nursery?

Last days I was thinking about my child admission, it helped me a lot to know the best child age parameters for primary education. Thanks all of you.

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My son is 30 may 2013 born can he take admission in nursery in 2016 -2017 batch

Check the date from the blog

Satisfied to read this article than a lot

Great insight n experience sharing. Thanks

My daughter birth is 4 Aug 2012....is she eligible for nursery in 2015-2016 batch

Kindly work as per the calculations mentioned

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Hi my son is 25-10-2012,by schools criteria he is alligible for nursery.....by I feel 2.8 for nursery is too early Please guide

Hi Madhuri, In gujarat fix the age criterion to 5 years completed in May 31st for first standard. Gujarat is a only the state who fixed criteria for standard 1 under GSEB. In CBSE is depends on state rules. But all CBSE and ICSCE schools in Gujarat are own critieria i.e. 5.5+ years in Dec.31st, 5.5+ in March 31st etc, Which is one type of Cheating with every parents.

Kindly attend the seminar tomorrow. https://www.instamojo.com/madhuriesingh/seminar-on-pune-school-admission/

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Hello Madhurie, I'm a father of 2.10 years baby girl and I took a correct decision as per your table: @3.4 years - Nursary (Jun - 2015) @4.4 years - L KG (Jun - 2016) @6.4 years - entry in Std 1. (Jun - 2018) Thanks a lot for this article. Quite helpful.


Hello Madam, My daughter is September 2012 born, with a very low weight and every progress of her like walking, talking etc also started late. I want her to be admitted in next year i.e. 2015-16 in Playgroup (at age 2.9 years) and nursery (at age 3.9 years) and so on. Is this decision will be right for her future also, because according to this she will be in class 1st at age of 6.9 years. So at that time any school should not refuse to give her admission in 1st STD, due to upper age criteria. Please suggest me as I am very confused for this.

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Hi Piyush, The article is pretty clear. Now its your choice. I do not make decisions for parents. They have to make their own and choice based on the information provided.

Hello Madhuri......very informative n important article for every parent...... Im a mother of 22 month son.....was wondering shd i send him to nursery in June 2015?...... Reading this article makes me think again over my decision....

pls fill the contact form on www.madhuriesingh.com or read the article again.

My son,s birth date is 22 may 2011, so he is now 3.3, i am in a dilemma weather to put him in nursery or in jr kg. Which of this is a good choice............kindly suggest me .....plz

My son is 19 months old .i want him to be admitted in playschool is it the correct age for him?

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Hi Fatima, I have written this article with as much clarity as possible with the pros and cons of age. Now you as a parent has to take the right decision based on your child's ability. I am sorry but I prefer to provide as much information I can but the final decision has to be yours.

Read the article once again. You must make your own decisions. I am only there to suggest.

Hi Madhuri, Schools which fix the age criterion to 5+ for first and not greater than 6 as the upper limit .Is that allowed to fix an upper age limit for admission to first standard .

Till last year, there were schools following their own rules. But this year onwards, ie 2014, and for 2015 admission, it will be more uniform. There should not be any upper age limit ideally as per RTE. So if any parent complains against a school, then it will be taken up by the education department.


He should be be 5.5 - 6.5 year old to be in class 1

Hi Madhuri, firstly very informative site and great work. have been searching on this age factor. Plz provide your thought...Am sure its kinda repetative question..but plz help...my twin kids are aug 2010 born and are going to LKG this acaedmic year 2014-15..Is this right or shd I still wait another year for them to reach LKG as they have the disadv of being youngest in the class...

I think its well explained Deepa

Hello mam, my son birth date is 9th Oct 2010, i'm confused his age is for nursery or LKG please reply me i'm very worried about his future

read this article carefully and choose. I prefer my child to be the oldest.

my baby is 2 & 1/2 years old & is it good time to give admission in playgroup school, pl. advice

Yes for playgroup


soo good message Madhurie thank you

soo good message Madhurie thank you

Hi Dear Madam, My daughter is in Mont I and her date of birth is 24/09/2009. As per her age calculation she will be completing 6 & half year at the time of 1st standard enrollment. Please kindly guide as we tried to promote her in Mont II in this academic year 2014 - 2015 but her School management denied due to School policies. Please confirm by doing the needful. Thanks and warm regards. Mrs Smita Swami

I am not able to understand your problem Smita. Kindly describe

my daughter is now 2 year and 3 months old.she is not going to playschool now bt now we r thinking to get admissin,it is not too late na?

Hi Prerna, If she is talking and socially fine then its fine. But she should not be left with a maid alone.

Dear Mam. My child's birth date is 29 nov 2007 . He Finished his Std 1 from S.S.C. affiliated school. We are trying for ICSE affiliated schools , One of the school has suggested to repeat Std 1 from their School. Is it suggested to repeat the Std , if in case of changing the Board from S.S.C. to I.C.S.E. I feel like he will loose a year. Please suggest me which is better Board CBSE or ICSE , confused about the board selection.

Kindly read the article once again :), if you still do not get the answer book an appointment.

Hi, My daughter born in sep 16 2008, now she completed her LKG, is it right thing if i will admit her into 1st standard?Please advice.

Hi Madhuri, My daughter is 23rd August 2010 born, and i have put her in nursery for current academic year (2014- 2015) is she too over aged for Nursery, please suggest

Kindly use the calculator and decide

hello, my daughter born on 29/12/2010 and schools offered her lkg in this june 2014, whether it is too early for her or is it okay .. she is recognising all alphabets & also she writes most of them . Now i am in confussion weather i have request principal again for nursery admission or LKG is okay .. please reply me for my email.. I need to change immediately if she is too yonger for LKG admission ,,,,

Hi Rekha, Kindly fill the contact form on my site. And you shall receive a reply from me.

hi, thanks for replying. Actually my daughter will be continuing in the current school. In the near future im plannin 2 admit her in girl's school. i needed help regarding it. I like your articles, they have helped me alot. im a contstant reader. nice work ...! keep it up!

Actually, in the link given by Anuja, u mentioned "Try this simple formula. When your daughter is 6 year old, she must be joinng or already in class 1 midway. Now work backward. :) Good Luck" That is different from the formula u gave in ur post. My daughter is born sep 26 2010. THis academic year (2014-2015) we can either put her in nursery or in LKG. If we put her in nursery now, she will be 6 yrs and 8 mths when she starts std I. Is that too old? I too am a bit confused. Thanks.

I like my kids to be the oldest in the class if possible. So possibility is only if the child is Oct, Nov, Dec born. Choose wisely.

Hello Madhurie! Need directives on getting admission for my kid [for nursery and towards primary], the inquiry page doesn't seem to be available any more . Kindly advise accordingly.

Try again and click this link Contact form

Hi Madhurie I need your suggestion here. My daughter is completing 5 years in May this year and she is falling short of 1 month to get admission in Sr Kg grade of DAV Pune as they expect child to have completed 5 years as of 1st Apr. She is getting admission to Jr Kg again. She is right now going to Tree house in Jr Kg. Is it worth repeating a year in Jr Kg in DAV as I really want to consider DAV as they've reasonable fees. What is your valuable advise, should I consider DAV Jr Kg or get admission in some other schools such as Pawar Public school, Euro school which are expensive. Please do provide your valuable comments.

I doubt you will get admission in DAV

My son born on16feb2009 .i am having doubt whether he s eligible for 1standard for coming June .niw he s studying sr.kg.pls tell me

please help me in selecting the right girls' school for my daughter. i'm confused between St. Helena's, St. Mary's, Dastur. i want my daughter to go in 1 of these schools. i stay in khondhwa so distance also matters. apart from these schools also St. anne's , its there some more good girls school? please help. thank you.

Dear Rumana, All admissions are over!

Hi, I think this is a very old discussion but i have to ask this because i'm quite confused and i need some help. My daughter is Feb 5 (2012) born; when can she go to 1st standard? I have found there are schools that allow admission of 5+ yr old child in 1st standard. But there are schools which are "supposedly" strict on age and they allow only 5year n 6 month old kids is 1st standard. Now this latter info is from internet and heresay; i dont have any 1st hand experience of dealing with it. Can someone please share some authentic info regarding the same. It appears that it varies from to school to school. It becomes even worse when the schools have upper age limit. I wonder what parents like us - whose child was born in and around. I want to take admission for her so narsary or Play Group which will good for her as she is 5 th feb 2012 born Eagerly waiting to listen from you!

Dear Neelam, the article is very clear. Just follow it and calculate backwards.

My son is 31st Oct 2011, he is 2.5 yrs old now.Is is the right time to look for nursery admission for him for June 2014 session?My son will be 2.8 yrs old in June 2014.Or shall we wait for 1 more year and admit him when he is 3.8 years old in 2015?

Kindly read the article and do the calculations yourself :)

my son is august 2010 born. i have a doubt regarding his admission.he will be 3yrs and 11 months old when the school new session starts should i take admission in jr kg or nursery?

I think it is best to have your child oldest in a class if age permits. he can be in Jr Kg for the coming session.

Hi, i am new to your site, however feel blessed to see this at the right time :) thnx .. Nitin

Thanks Mam for this piece of info!

Shailenf you are welcome

Can you please suggest the age criterias for Bangalore/Karnataka schools. Also is it same criteria for CBSC schools ? My son is Oct 2011 born. So would be 2.7 yrs this Jun'14. Planning to send him to Playgroup after reading your article. But confused on whether, he would be granted admission to Std I, when he is 6.5 yrs in Karnataka state. Kindly help.

Hi, My son is going to complete 3 years March this year. He goes to a play school in Hadrapsar area. Is this right age to admit him a Nursery school. Also please review VIDYASHILP PUBLIC SCHOOL, Yevalewadi, Kondhwa. Because I have decided to admit him there. I am not in hurry only concern if I wait one more year will we get admission in upper class.

Hi, I have a doubt. But some different schools have differnt age criterias for admission. So does this mean the in some of the schools where the age criteria is such that smaller kids are admitted will have more stressful and less confident students?

Yes Rohit, thats the way it is in India. The schools have their own age criteras especially beacuse they have different admission dates. I would say dont go by the school's requirements but look at the child's needs and ability to cope up. Its easy in the pre primary to cope but slowly the burden of the studies will take a toll on their tiny body making them weak and dull.

Thanx a ton for the article. Really its an eye opener. My son Nov 2009, we confused whether KG1 or KG2 for the academic year 2014-15. Some schools here in Delhi are ready to give KG2 admission some not After reading ur article, we decided to put him in KG1. So he will enter Std I in the age of 6.5 instead of 5 +. Thanx for the article

hello, i am looking for a pre school for my sept.end 2011 born baby. please advise the best ones/options in pimpri chinchwad or near by area.i reside in pimpri so dont want it to be very far.

Hi KIndly fill the contact form on the site. And make sure to use your email id instead of your daughter's, to receive any response ! :)

There is a huge confusion on the correct age for entry or admission of children into class 1 - should it be 5+ yrs or 6+ yrs age at the 1st day of the academic year ? I am asking this question as my son in Sep 2009 born and hence I am a bit confused. Should be admitted to class 1 in 2015 session or 2016 session ? Is there any definitive guidance or law by the Govt of India ? Or it is left to the respective states to decide upon ? Or it varies by the education board by CBSE/ICSE/state board? It will be really helpful if you can kindly provide me the correct information. If possible, please provide me any website/URL that provides these details.

Yes, there is a rule but as of now only the bravehearts are daring to challenge the schools! For more one-one help kindly fill contact form. Make sure you use an email id that is not spammish looking!

guys pvt schools are wasting two very lucrative years of our children. KVs are taking 5 year old child in first standard while pvt school take your child in first standard when he is 7 years old. A KV student pass class XII when he is 16 years while pvt school student pass class XII when he is 18 years old.As you all know for medical and engineering preparation your child have to work hard more for one or two years so strongly recommend KVs rather than these pvt schools.


what is headstart?? My kid will be 2 in Feb'14

I am pleased to read your lovely feedback Surbhi.

Don't you think what you've mentioned here contradicts to what you'd replied on schoolkhojo.com? Here is the thread related to the same age criteria topic: http://www.schoolkhojo.com/index.php?/user/forum/threadview/43/Age-Eligibility-for-Enrolling-to-Junior-LKG

Really? I do not think so, So kindly enlighten me the contradictory statements!

hi..Madhuri ..U have really helped me out .. my daughter is 20-Jan-2010.. I was confused about the right age..now am planning to start her 1st standard at 6 and 3 months.. request you to attach the citation for the supreme court verdict, in case it's available ..want to read it for reference tx

Thanks Babli

hi, this is very valuable information 4 me...i have 2.5 year old baby n i m afraid tht whn he will be reach in 1st class...bt now i have cleared my all doubts.....gud work...:0

[…] Submitted on 2013/11/19 at 6:57 am | In reply to Madhurie Singh. […]

Ms. Nidhi, the situation is better nowadays that at least you can see only 15 students standing. Earlier, there were only few buses which used to ply and students were loaded like anything on the bus. School has given the responsibility of transport to their school admin who is a retired military official. If you approach to him and tell him about the situation, he will reply everything in a military-diplomatic way. He will take most of the parents to his side and say "apne ghar jaisa hain, tension mat lo." Most importantly, 95% of the parents really do not have problems the way you said as they have no options, either in every household both parents are working and have no option of thinking about the comfort of their kid's transport. They are somehow just thinking about their acacdemics and let the year pass and so on. Only few parents like me had some problem, but slowly we get adjusted to it as we really had no other options here. I like the school very much and the school is really helping middle class families like me for educating my kid in English medium school. The school staff is very cooperative and kind. Also, the principal can be approached any time available for any problems. The school trust is doing very good job of educating people and doing a nice social work. The school is huge with huge grounds and very disciplined wherever necessary. Good sports instructors are there.

Hi Sandeep, today I saw Mount St. Patrick school buses in the morning. In every bus, you could see 10-15 students standing, and rest sitting uncomfortably. How can parents pay for this? I feel this is not a fault of school or the bus contractor. It is totally the parents' fault.

Yes Nidhi, I agree that parents should fight for their rights instead of cribbing amongst themselves that has no solution.

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The scholarships will be based on the top ranks received in these exams. The UGC will implement two Post-Graduate Scholarship Schemes. The First and Second rank holders of B.A., B.Sc., and B.Com and First rank holders in 18 identified Honours Courses of all recognized Universities and Deemed to be Universities will be given scholarship of Rs. 2000 per month for pursuing their Post-Graduate education in any recognized institution of higher learning in the country. Total number of students benefiting from this scheme would be nearly 5000 from its second year, onwards. The UGC will also launch another Post-Graduate Scholarship scheme for the single girl child. Any girl who is the only girl child of her parents will be eligible to receive a scholarship of Rs. 2000 per month to pursue her Post-Graduate education in any recognized institution of higher learning in the country. Total number of girl students benefiting under the scheme would be about 2400 from its second year, onwards. The scholarships being instituted by CBSE and UGC once fully operational, will benefit altogether about 11000 students in any given year. These will spur our young women and men to strive towards higher levels of excellence and do themselves and the country proud. UM:SPS:NC (Release ID :12164)

Hi Madhurie, Would like to inform you that there is one portal of Government of India, where one can ask queries regarding any field, like schools, banks, post office, BSNL, PWD, etc. etc., which will be solved within a stipulated period of time. There is a link on that portal for schools as "department of school education and literacy", which i think can solve many parent's problem. It works. I have done many works through that site, which were impossible to do through government offices or courts. The only thing you should remember that you can lodge your grievance there only if that issue has not been filed in the court. You can ask the government about free education to girl child, various other schemes which school is not interested in telling us, etc. etc. It is not RTI kind of thing. It is properly a government grievance redress mechanism portal, which 100% works. The only thing is that you need to reveal your original identity and address and contact numbers. It is free. Once you register your complaint over there, you will get a file number, please save that as that is needed when you have to check the status of your complaint. Normally, a case is solved within 3-4 working days if it has been sent to proper department by you. Sometimes, it takes 30-45 days depending on nature of complaint and the department. You can check your status online and can send reminder also and can call the concerned person too. Madhuri, you can ask for various policies for schools on this site and can put on your site so that parents can gain some info. http://pgportal.gov.in/Grievance.aspx I hope this helps.

Yes Sandeep it does help. I will write a post too just to ensure all parents on my site and those who are reading are aware of this site. Thanks again.

Thank you Madhuri. Right now, I am out of Pune for some office assignment (in Jaipur). I will try to help you out with those things which are in my hands. The idea is good for those schools where rich kids are there, because rich parents can stand against the transport authorities and parents are also aware of the law and legalities. In Lohegaon based schools, it is quite difficult, because if the transport providers come to know about this, they will try to do it differently. They are local landlords who have tie-up with schools. I hope someone, if not me, connects with you for this issue and hopefully many middle class parents understand what will happen if this rule is made compulsory. There were incidents of rash driving and accidents, which had not come to limelight and those files have been closed due to political pressure. You might remember the case of Amanora -viman nagar route bus, where 1 kid died. There are many small cases which are not heard. Suppose they make it compulsory, then still there are few questions in my mind. Is the bus going to wait for every kid, if the kid is late. If not, then how that kid will go to the school? Is there any authority which is monitoring per kilometer charges on these contractors? Is there any time limit given to these contractors that a kid should be dropped and picked up within so and so timings? Eg. A kid staying at 5-km should be dropped within 10 minutes or like that. Are these contractors not liable to go for strikes whenever their union asks them to? Maybe these contractors later on create a pressure on parents to pay whatever charges they ask for. Also, the PMPML thing is good as we both think, but I think many parents do not trust government based services. and many more questions are in mind....will write later. I wish you all the best for taking this issue.

Thanks Madhurie...You are doing a good job for the parents. I just said all things out of frustration, so that other parents do not get into unnecessary ditch of educating their kids. If you calculate total expenses on schools, we find that we are spending more on transport than on their fees for most of the schools. Thanks again.

Just was reading today's newspaper and saw what I feared the most. It was an article regarding school transport being made compulsory, but this time, it was made by the government body, and not the schools themselves. If government is so much concerned about the student safety, then why did not they ask PMPML buses to take contract of schools, which already is in losses. Even PMPML have luxury school buses. Why they are making it compulsory and encouraging businesses of private bus operators with the common man's money , who afterall are going to work for money only, risking the life of student. Now, school authorities will use this as a tool to exploit money from us.

Agree with you Sandeep in this solution totally. You have suggested a brilliant solution to revive the PMPML and also take off the burden from the already crushed parents. I guess we can take it up and help many parents school by school. If you are keen we can talk. Do reply here, and I will connect with you for a 1-1 talk. Anyone else who may be interested, can also connect with us here.

Request to all parents, please do not encourage those transport providers who charge the fee quarterly or half yearly or annually. These are the people who are going to exploit us more than school. Instead, you can plan for a PMPML luxury school bus if you have 10-15 kids in your area at half the rate of these providers. You can see the PMPML bus website for details.

Thanks Madhurie. I just wanted to make many parents aware of the situation in the lohegaon-Dhanori-Wagholi area about the transport thing. Many of the transport providers charge fees quarterly. Why? They should charge it monthly. It is not school fees. It is for the service that they are going to provide us and they cannot charge for the service which they have not provided. Mount St. Patrick 10th class student's transport charges are to be paid in full (annually) even though their school ends in December, as this rule is written on their transport provider's instruction sheet. VPMS and Aman Setu charges less than Mount St. Patrick for the same route and same distance (approx 200-300 less). Aman Setu have their own buses and own drivers. VPMS buses are also well maintained and charge reasonable. For Mount St. Patrick Academy, there are 2 different service providers for the buses (one is admin in-charge of school and one is outsider). There are many private vans also for Mount St. Patrick academy. If any parent wants their kids to use bus for Mount St. Patrick Academy, then I would suggest that either you take those private vans which ply in your area according to safety standards of your own or else the buses which are owned by the other service provider (who is not the admin in-charge), whose contact you can get only when you come out of school premises and ask the security watchman. If these 2 options does not suit you or is not available for you, then you have no other option left than to take the buses owned by admin-incharge. DY Patil school (former Sharad Pawar international school) has their own buses and drivers and they are very well maintained and secured in terms of safety of your kids. Dr. Mar Theophillus school, as many of you know, standard of school as well as standard of their transport is not worth mentioning here. The fees they charge, I think is for the area which they are situated in. Bharti Vidyapeeth school, the new upcoming school, near MMIT, can also be a good choice for those people living in Dhanori-Lohegaon belt. Their transport is also good uptil now, but again, you all confirm and cross check with different providers there, especially those parents whose kids are in LKG/UKG/I-IV. There is one new school coming up in the Lohegaon area, Roshni English Medium School (CBSE), for parents who want 20-30k fee range annually. Also, Kiderbrook school on wagholi road, for those parents who are looking for 70k-1 lakh fee range annually. Thanks, if any update about transport, I will update you.

Thanks Nidhi for the insight. I am so grateful to you for taking out your time and writing such important information about transport and schools. Do let me know if you wish to contribute on my site with your own content about education and schools.

Mr. Sandeep, As far as I know about Mt St. Patrick School, the transport is not compulsory. It is compulsory only in Aman Setu. I would suggest to those parents who are taking admission to Mount St. Patrick School, that there are better transport services if you search it outside of school campus. I think there are 2 to 3 different service providers over there. Please do not ask the staff of any school to guide you for the transport services, especially those schools which are based in Lohegaon-Wagholi area. Most of the businesses are run by local landlords or school employees themselves. I do not want to point specifically to someone, but you should try to analyze which best suits you. Particularly, for Mount St. Patrick school, you can ask the security person who is standing at the gate about all the providers. I have heard from many parents that their LKG/UKG kids are not dropped off on time. So, you please check it yourself. Transport facility for VPMS is very good. I have many friends whose kids are there in VPMS, and not heard any complaint from them yet for VPMS transport. Just wanted to inform you that one of my friend has his kids in Mount St. Patrick and he complains every now and then of late drops of his young kids, who are now in 1st and 3rd standard. These transport players should have GPS installed with 1 lady attendant always in the bus, but normally no one follows it. Always take the transport service which is safe and comfortable for your kid, and which is not governed/run by any employee of school or their relatives, because you cannot go against them if any incident happens.

Well said Nidhi. We parents need to do what is best for out kids then everything will be fine. No one should be scared of the management as they are not really monsters. Infact when we approach the right person in the office they appreciate that it was brought to their notice. Many a times parents only crib and complain amongst themselves and expect the problem to be suddenly gone. But only when we approach the management with right solution and open mindedness, all problems can be solved. Never ever think that school will take it out against your children if you complain. I have always been the first one to point out any thing that is not proper in any school that my kids have been to. Most of the time the schools have implemented even the solutions suggested by me. Also, my kids have never faced any problem ever. I think its the attitude that matters too. If you go with the attitude that I have to help the school solve a problem, I doubt any will not really hear you out.

Thanks Nidhi and Madhuri. As you said that we should take the problem to the appropriate management person, which I did. Actually, I just wanted to make people aware about the incidents which happened with me. It was my mistake that I did not realize that I should talk to the management about transport. I just was misguided as I had no awareness at that time and there was not a single question in my mind about the transport. When I complained, the school management did speak to that guy. They did what they can do. Next day, i got to know that if i want to take my kid off of the bus, then I can do as they are not dependent on my kid. So, just wanted to make parents aware so in first place, they do not get into this situation at least.

I need to tell you 1 thing about Mount St. Patrick that the transport facility is optional, but the admin of the school who has his own fleet of buses make sure that everyone who gets admission falls in the bus route. Also, it seems the admin is more authoratative than the school principal. Rest, the school and management is good as far as fees and other facilities are concerned. You can say one of the best schools in the Lohegaon area (18000 rs annual fees). I do not know how can a school authority allow their employees to become contractor for the school. Even if someone complaints about rash driving, the complaint is going to be handled by the admin, the same person……

Good job Prachee! It's tough to stand up against ideas when the whole world seems to be going elsewhere! But like you have written, the courage of standing up to your rightful decision shows naturally by one smile on our kids.

thank u soo much for ur blog...i have done the same for my daughter..nd there is always this niggling doubt ...whether i have done right or wrong..coz everybody in my family kind of opposed me...but reading such blogs really reassures me...nd of course i can see tat my daughter is enjoying school instead of takin it as a burden .thanks once again

hi!. my son is in ukg.he is 5year5months old. he has very study pressure . i dont want to give him so pressure right now.i strongly belive nobody can loose a year

Hi Madhurie, Please help! We stay near chikali(Pune) . My daughter is 2.2year old and she does'nt go to any school, however we r planning to shift,but since we dont have any info about the best school ,we just searching and searching.so please help me with the best schools where my child can get the best education.we are ready to shift anywhere in Pune,since myhusband works at Shivaji nagar.

Hi Roopa, Kindly post your query in www.schoolkhojo.com. http://www.schoolkhojo.com/index.php?/user/forum/index/9

Hi Roopa, Kindly fill up the questionnaire on www.schoolkhojo.com and based on your answers I may be able to help you. :)

My new forum SchoolKhojo.com is up. If you want to ask new questions or start any discussion it will be great. I really want to see you on SchoolKhojo.com forum to start a new discussion or answer to someone's questions.

welcome :)

thank u madhuri, nice suggestion, it cleared all my doubts.

No these ages are pushed by 6 months ahead...3 , 4 5 , 6 are the ideal ages

Sir far as I am aware there are foll stages play group also known as pre nursery age 2.5 , nursery 3.5 , prep 4.5 , Ist std. All ages as of June 1st ,except for DPS as there year starts on april 1st .

lovely quote =how can anyone loose a year.

very useful information for all parents.......

very nice points for parents to avoid confusion pls. go through this...

Valuable points for Parents, Please read it......

very valuable points.

Dear Madhurie, Please could you tell me if you have an online (chat) session, or a telephonic session? It is very difficult for me to come to workshop. what are your charges? many thanks Swati

Hi, Kindly post your questions or discussions on http://www.schoolkhojo.com/index.php? thanks

Dear Swati, Yes there is phone call you can make to talk to me. Its 1K for 30 min. mail me on [email protected] for more details.

Thank you so much Madhurie. There are some schools that have mid term admissions for the play group only, I would be so happy if St Mary's also had. Please could you tell me the age for admissions to Nursery 2013-2014 for St Mary's, Hutchings, Vibgyor, Helena? Many Many thanks. warm regards

Yes, May be you come to my Workshop and get a free seminar too to know all these questions. :) Book soon as this free offer is only as long as seminars lasts.

Hi Madhurie, I wish to know whether St Mary's has Jan to June mid term admissions for playschool/Pre-nursery. Also kindly mention teh age limit for admissions to Nursery in St Mary's, Bishops, DPS, Hutchings, Helena, Pawar public school. Will be very obliged. Is the form common for both Kalyngr and Undri Bishops? are we allowed to choose just one location, r apply for both?

No St Mary's does not have mid term admissions!

I have not written the review of Symbiosis on the site.

Its so nice and so many valuable points are here for thoes parents who thought that............ Its too late for my chield........

please read this parents....

Hi Madhurie, My daughter is 28 Sept 2006 Born, She has done Nursery and LKG for hardly few Months due my Tranfering Job. For AY 2011-2012 I personally I wanted her to be in LKG, but due to Rigid DOB YEAR Rule in the schools, I let her enroll into SrKG in Public School in Mumbai (its a very good school in Mumbai) and told that they can repeat SrKG Next year(2012-2013). Now This year, Principal assured but Management declined to repeat. There is a continuation in the same same school for STd 1. Now Iam not in hush bush to push her in Std 1 and personally not want her in Std 1 this year as a Year here and there would not matter a much. As Iam also settling in my life. Also again I have transfer Abroad this year or Iam planning to come back to Pune (its my home town). I am in dilemma, Should I put her into SrKG for this year 2012-2013 in private Kindergarten again (she did nursery here) or Shall I enroll her to Std 1 into current School). One of Teacher suggested if Going Abroad This academic year, then putting her in SrKG would not matter, but if you plan to be here, then in Mumbai or Pune you have put in Std -II. Is this correct or I can try and convience to school for Next year If by change Iam not abroad but in Pune (Mostly I would put her in my Ex School in Pune) for Std 1 for Next Year (2012-2013_ ? Is the DOB Year wise rule would be observed or can be convinced to school Authorities to put in Std 1 instead of Std-II ?

You will have to call me. Kindly mail me on [email protected] to book an appointment for phone consulting.

hey Kishore I am sailing in the same boat....I will be returning to India this month, and want my son to repeat Sr KG......his dob is Aug 2006. Again I am in a dilemma, that if any school authorities agree for it, but then later if I change schools or anything next year, will he be given admission to Std 1 or will he have to go to Std 2 as per the age criteria rules....i am so very confused....

Thanks for the reply Madhurie!

Hi Madhurie... I came across your website today and found it quite interesting.... Here is my dilemma... My son's dob is aug 21, 2006. We are planning to R2I in april this year, which makes my son eligible for admission to Std 1. However, keeping in view his skills as of now, I really want him to repeat Ukg once he is back to India. Is it allowed?? again, even if a school allows it, if we have to change school next year...will he get admission in Std 1 or as per his age will have to go directly to Std 2?? Kindly help.. Thanks shikha

Yes and no. Schools where age is not a barrier he can repeat. Schools where age is fixed for a class will be difficult as anything online screens kids not falling in the age range of that particular class. So you may try to go and visit the schools of your choice and request them to let him repeat.

Hi Mam, I am new to this site.I am staying in Bibwewadi and my daughter is studying in L kg. I am planning for st Mary for her for Sr Kg. I need the information about the criteria, exams. Also please suggest me names of good schools near to bibwewadi .

Hi Kindly email me on [email protected]

Hi Madhurie, Sincere thanks for the eye-opener. I was really hassled thinking whether I should push my child (born in Jan 2009) early or follow the due course. The write-up has really helped me decide. Any reviews on the playgroups – Kids Kingdom / Roots to wings? (both in Vadgaon Sheri). Also we are considering Headstart, but are not sure which one is better Kalyani Nagar or Viman Nagar. Would appreciate your response. Thanks a million! Rakhi

Well Rakhi, none at wadgaonsheri are really good enuff. Vivero is good at Kalyaninagar, the others are ok and all same.

Hi Madhurie, My kid will be 3.5 yrs next year [AUG'12]. I have seen that most schools have eligibility criteria of 3.5 years by June [say June'12]. My kid is in playgroup currently. I am planning for his admission to nursery next year. However I feel that due to this age limit criteria he will not be eligible for nursery in few good school across Pune. I stay in western part of Pune so would like to know about good CBSE\ICSE schools in this part. I would want my kid to get admission in St.Mary but that I think it is not possible as it is in Camp & I stay very far from camp. Did you review Sanskriti school [CBSE, on mulshi Rd near chandani chowk]? If not, can you please review it and provide your feedback? Regarding wisdom worl school - I found it nice but it has not yet got ICSE affiliation.They said as per rule they need to have std VI'th running and only then they can file for ICSE affiliation and they will be doing it now so not very sure if its good idea to take admission in school which is not yet icse affiliated.any comments? Any other good schools near aundh,baner,bavadhan,kothrud?

Hi Madhurie, My kid will be 3.5 yrs next year [AUG'12]. I have seen that most schools have eligibility criteria of 3.5 years by June [say June'12]. My kid is in playgroup currently. I am planning for his admission to nursery next year. However I feel that due to this age limit criteria he will not be eligible for nursery in few good school across Pune. I stay in western part of Pune so would like to know about good CBSE\ICSE schools in this part. I would want my kid to get admission in St.Mary but that I think it is not possible as it is in Camp & I stay very far from camp. Did you review Sanskrditi school [CBSE, on mulshi Rd near chandani chowk]? If not, can you please review it and provide your feedback? Regarding wisdom worl school - I found it nice but it has not yet got ICSE affiliation.They said as per rule they need to have std VI'th running and only then they can file for ICSE affiliation and they will be doing it now so not very sure if its good idea to take admission in school which is not yet icse affiliated.any comments? Any other good schools near aundh,baner,bavadhan,kothrud?

Hi Madhurie, Myself a new entrant in your community!!! Thanks for this wonderful site. My simple query is: my daughter will turn 2 years on 2nd july 2011. We stay in Wakad and i have admitted her to nearby playgroup (Genious academy, Wakad)in which she will be going starting June 2011. I want her to be admitted to Wisdom world school ,wakad. I want to know, for which std should i admit her to school. My plan was to complete playgroup, nursery, jr kg & sr kg in Genious academy. she will be 5.11 yrs till then. and then take admission in Wisdom World school in Class 1( age goup 5.5 to 6). Am i correct in deciding this? or should i put her in WWS next year itself in Nursey after completing 1 yr playgroup in Genious? Kindly guide

Hi Harsha, u r rt on the age thing. I am sure after 1 yr the pic abt WWS will be more vivid. Also going thru interview process nxt yr will give u the confidence as u will not be pressurized. Always take decision making things a step before it actually is like a life n death type situation. That way u r under no pressure and with clear head u can think with an admission in hand whether u want or not. But if u delay u will have to take wat is offered with nothing to choose from.

I don't know why I did not come to your site before. My son will be 2 years5 months and 15 days in June 2008 and I have enrolled him for Nursery for academic year 2011-2012 means from June he will Start going to Nursery. Now I am feeling guilty that I am pushing him. Though he is very smart however reading your article makes me feel that I could had put him in playschool for an year and then from next year(2012-2013) to Nursery.

He will be going to WWS and they start with Nursery only. so You mean I make him go to Nursery this year and treat it as playschool and again next year send him to nursery and that will be actual nursery ?


How abt talking to the school about giving u the option of repeating by choice ? :)

Hi Madhuri, My child is SEP born and will complete 4 yearns 9 months in next june.According to this age group and schools age criterias she will be in senior KG next year.And accordingly she will 5 years 9 months for class I. From day 1 in her school, i feel she is very young in her class as her classmates are from FEB born also. I wanted her to be in upper age group in standard I rather than lower age group. For this i need to repeat her in any of her class. But again repeating in same class in same school will effect her emotionalwise as thier classmates will go in higher class. But when we recently visited vidya valley school, i liked one thing about them as they have started Junior KG in 4-5 years age group.That means if i admit my child to this school , she will complete 6 years 9 months for class I rather then 5 years 9 months.

Great thot Sarika! Do wat is best 4 ur kid. Others are all secondary.

Hi Madhurie, My Son will complete his Jr. KG this year and I’m looking for some good school in Kalyaninagar/VimanNagar /lohagaon Areas.I’m looking for Mount St. Ptaric School and Vikhe patil in Lohegaon, but Idon’t have any reviews of Mount St. Patrick school.What would you prefer ? …Please help me to choose one good school. Regards, Karan

Hi Madhurie, My son is in Std I already and he's going to be six in Jan 2011. I always feel that though he's coping with the academics, physically he's feeling very worn out. We are planning to change his school next year due to fees issue. Would it be advisbale to take admission again in std I? Please advise

Hi Madhurie, I am searching for schools for my son for Senior KG around Vimannagar area. Could you please give me review on Mount St. Patrick School and Vikhe Patil School in Lohegaon. I tried to find review, did not get any reviews on Mount St. Patrick school. Thanks in advance, Karunakar

Hi Madhurie I am searching for schools for my son for Junior KG. I am basically interested in Vidya Valley and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Vidya Mandir School. I have heard very good reviews from my friends/colleagues about these two schools. What do you think about these two schools? Regards, Srinivas

Madhri, I totally agree with your views and not worried for this age factor but at the same time this is the one major concern.As he is nov.2007 born he will be on younger side in his class(jr. KG) and These age restrictions in every school dont allow me to put him in nursery whereas only 2 month younger child to him can go to the nursery. Big frustration for me

Hi Madhurie, Could you please give me review on Spicer High School in Aundh. I tried to find review, did not get any. Thank You, Chetana R

Hi Chetanar, In both Spicer school as well as college most of the students are not locals by that I mean you would see a lot Nepali or look alikes, nigerian etc students are going to this school and college. Not many of the Aundh/Khadki students go there , so please visit the school first so that you get some good idea about it.

I have'nt reviewed Spicer school.

Hi Madhurie, My Son Gaurang will complete his Jr. KG this year and I'm looking for some good school for further studies in Yerwada/Kalyaninagar/VimanNagar /lohagaon Areas..since these areas are near by from my Vidyanagar residence..I'm targetting St, Ptaric School in Lohegaon, St. Bishop in Kalyaninagar...but Idon't have any reviews of both..What would you prefer ? ...Please help me to choose one good school..Thanks in advance Rg, Sandeep

St Patrick is new and Bishop is very old school. The rest pls read the comments in the forum and all the reviews.

HI Madhurie, Thanks for the quick reply but unfortunately didn't find any review on St. Patric school is nearby my residence. Is admission procedure for St. Patric is also online like Bishop's ? Rg, Sandeep

Dear Madhurie, My daughter completed 2 in Sept. 2010. I am now seeing that age limits for classes are stringent. So, since 2014 June - she will be 5yrs 9mths she will be in Std. I and a child born in Dec. would still be 5 yrs. 6 mths and hence have the liberty to go to UKG. Everyone copes up - rather HAS to once they have started, but i am rather disappointed that i am not able to give her some extra time to be off mainstream academics.

5.5 to 6.5 yrs is ok for admission into class 1. I think you have to check on which school has what cut off. And work around to see what suits her best. Trust me I am very happy with my decision of allowing my sons to be the right age, as its so much low stress and they easily pick up as compared what they could have a year back!!!

Hey Madhurie, This is an eye opener. I was one of the youngest in class at my school. It took me till higher secondary to figure out what "studies" were and their relevance. I did well academically but have always felt pressured - and couldn't quite understand "why ?" If my daughter should be going to playschool only at Age 2 as of June, then she has started going to playschool already at Age 1.9 months - add to it the fact that she was born premature at 30 weeks - so her age reduces by 2 more months to 1.7. I am now in deep thought about - what to do ? But thanks for shaking me up!!

Yeah Prajnya, me too, used to understand the crux of each chapter after I went to the next class. But I was always older :) LOL. So for a dumbster like me if it was a stress, imagine poor babies!

Hi Madhurie, I have reading your blogs recently as i am going to shift down to pune for good. I am blessed with a boy who is going to turn 3 yrs on 07-Oct-2010. Now i am looking for a good school for him in pune. I am currently located in Noida where in different schools have different age criteria for nursery admission. Can you please tell me if he is eligible for nursery admission fo the session 2011-12 ?. Thanks in advance.

Yes Fanish, he should as by june he wud be more than 3.5 yrs. Always check that in class 1, they have to be 6 yrs old. SO work backwords to get the rt age.

Hi, I want to send my daughter to below listed school. Kindly advice me which school will be good for her? 1) St Arnold Central School, Kalyani Nagar, Pune 2) Dr. (Mrs.) Erin N. Nagarvala School, Kalyani Nagar, Nagar Road, 3) St. Mira's School for girls, Sadhu Vaswani Mission's.

ST Arnold's is good.

Thank you,

I agree with this assessment 100%. Last week we met a parent who was complaining that their child would "lose one year" because of a schools "rigid age policy". Turns out her child will not yet be 6 this June when Std I starts and the school was just requesting that he join Std I NEXT year instead of this (the principal is personally guaranteeing his admission for AY 2011-12). This incidentally is the best school in our area and among the top 5 in Pune. Instead of gladly accepting their kind offer, this parent is planning to admit the child, who is currently in one of the best pre-schools in town, into some other school for Std I, all so that he doesnt lose a year. Tragic!


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What’s Right Age for Admission in Nursery and First Standard, Pune Schools, India? « MADHURIE SINGH . COM http://bit.ly/8UUuXd

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