Which is best? Handshake or Salaam and Namaste!

By Madhurie Singh, September 07, 2013

Hello, Hi, Salaam, Namaste versus hygiene!

What a topic?

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But after my meeting with a Director of an International School in Pune, my beliefs are reinforced, that how you greet a person is directly related to your health!

So the incident goes like this.

I was with four directors of an IB school in Pune, discussing about the effects of RTE on the schools and parents. Suddenly one of the directors started digging his nose!!!!

This is one of the most hated things on my list. So with great difficulty I tried to continue my conversation pretending to not see this gruesome act with his nose and his thick fingers. But our human brain somehow will follow that which is dirty, obnoxious and out of normal and keep tracking the act howmuchever you try to avoid. So I could see him disgustingly wiping his finger under the table. 🙁

Anyways, as we proceeded with our brainstorming, somehow my brain managed to overlook this ghastly act on his nose boggles and focus on the discussion.

An hour later we were done with our discussions and I got up to take leave from the four directors. Habitually, I extended my hand to shake with all of them one by one.

And there the moment of truth jumped at me! Should I shake hands with the next guy who was all the time busy with his nosely act! But by then it was too late. My hand was extended that was graciously now honored by the shake!

As I left the school, the first thing I tried to hunt was the hand sanitiser that I have been carrying since the days of swine flu times in Pune. And on the way back home, I had decided the lecture for my kids home.

“As long as possible say Salaam and Namaste but stay away from any type of shakes!”



Pratibha Sunil Varghese I wish he does. Atleast he wud not dig again :)

that was hilarious. Hope that director does not read your posts!

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