Which is better ? Branded schools or Modern Schools

By Madhurie Singh, October 18, 2012

Which is better ? Branded schools or Modern Schools? 

Seriously this question is not something that you can ignore or give it a pass easily. 

Brands do matter a lot. But you need to know the worthy ness of the brand to pay that price. Blindly, picking up a brand and later crying is no more sensible thing to do.

Similarly, brands in education field also exits which you have to assess with open eyes and mind.

How are brands created?

By Age

There are many schools that exist for 100 years now in each city. These schools have created an image and a brand value by the mere age of their existence. Most convent schools will fall under this category. 

To just seek admission or pay donations to get your child in one of these schools for the sake of the 100 year old name may not always be a wise decision. 

When these old schools started a century ago, there was no other school to compete with. They were and still are funded by the government or exempted due to the nature of their formative structure. These were really worthy schools then that were trying hard to impart literacy to kids from all class. Education was their sole motto. Being funded helped them concentrate on educating kids than on the nitty gritty of running the school. 

Slowly, with time, they established themselves as brands as people recalled only these schools and recommend only these few schools when asked. Gradually they started being stiff. Their attitude towards parents became uncalled for. They posed their schools as the right to the privileged by class or by wealth. The focus changed from imparting fare education to maintaining the brand image. Now most are mare bare structures and relics basking in the glory of their past. Yet many of you get tempted by the sheer majestic size and grandeur of their appearance and even love to be treated rudely as a symbol of the school's class !

Wake up ! These schools were perfect when they were formed a 100 years back to may be 50 years ago. They were meant to produce workers. Workers who knew what is the meaning of uniforms, attendance by second or the gate would be shut, forming queues for everything. Isn't that we saw in any assembly line factory be it automobile industry or any fabric industry? Workers were suppose to come dot on time to start the machines and would do just one of the 100 step day in day out for their entire life. A delay in any one of the workers' action would cause delay in the entire assembly line. 

Yes! You are getting it now. These schools were designed for the purpose of producing factory workers in the schools. But no more these assembly lines exists where workers have to be in similar jobs. They were long back replaced by mechanical arms of the robotic machines.

So why are these schools still instilling uniforms, attendance, punctuality by the dot, worker like mentality of copying questions and answering by the books! Do you think your child will become a worker? Or do you think he or she has the potential to become a professional, an entrepreneur or a leader with the brain to think creatively and independently.

Brands created by real value

Slowly new schools with modern thought process started to build themselves with the shift from these old schools. They focused on the meaningful conceptual teaching and learning of each topic. They moved from being uptight to more approachable schools. They wanted to encourage creativity and thinking than mugging for marks.

Yes they started after 70-80 years as compared to the other schools. Some who started early amongst them have already built a name for themselves again by the age factor and with their value factor too. 

Many new schools that are 5 years to 1 year old have beautiful curriculum and teaching methodologies to cater to the needs of the new futuristic tomorrow where factory workers do not exists. They want to build thinkers, innovators, creators and builders who will take the world to the next dimension. They focus more on communication abilities, logical thinking abilities, problem solving abilities with lateral thinking and applying creativity in every aspect of life. 

Look for schools that offer one or many of these to your children. 

Together you and the school can make a happy yet very creatively thinking child provided the school you choose is right!

What's your review on Kothari National School? I have heard that this school in under management of synergy (School Management Company Founded By Few People From UK & UAE) will this not affect the flow to education?

Thank you Jayita Basu :).

A very brilliant article Madhurie Singh...

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