Hey madhuri Could I have ur contact no please Am travelling out of town Tomo So is It okay to talk on phone And we wanted know the review about the primrose school and when are the admissions opening for 2014 Regards Piyush

You will have to book the call for 1 hour. I would still recommend the webinar.

Hi Madhurie, I am not sure but I think the above survey is little confusing. You asked 'Which is the best playschool' and in my opinion it would be hard for a parent or a person to tell which is the best playschool. I can certainly tell about the play school my child is going but don't know whether it is the best or not. And I think this dilemma will be with everyone reading above survey. I also have a feeling that normally parents remember bad experiences from school only. Because even if they are satisfied they don't know if the school is best or not. It’s a human psychology to look for best and we do think that there would be something better for my kid :) Maybe you should tweak your survey so that every reader get a chance to share their views. It’s just a suggestion sorry! but I could not resist writing it. I am reading your articles for a long time and you are the best in this domain. Keep up the good work. Blessings!

Hi Tarun, Thank you so much. I am so very glad that you have taken your precious time to write to me. Honestly, the poll is to find out what schools do the parents consider to be the best. Based on the answers I gather, it tells me the myth and the misconception as to what are the best play schools in Pune in the minds of the parents. Then I will write about the reality. Unless I find out what is going in the minds of my silent readers, I cannot suggest the right thing to them. For example recently after a poll as to what is the most important criteria when selecting schools, I was shocked to know that in the parents'view Brand name has more weightage in comparison to the very important factor in my view ie Curriculum. So now when I suggest the importance of curriculum vs brand name it will hopefully make some sense to the parents to not run after the brand but good curriculum. And once again appreciate your feedback. I would really love to read more comments. TC Madhurie

Could you please help us with primrose An when does the admissions for the school open for play group as my son is 2 years complete Piyush

Hey Piyush, You may want to attend tomorrow's Webinar at 10pm on Skype. Else my one on one workshop or phone call.

my kid studies in city international school, satara road- there has been lot of horrifying experiences with my kids and with my parents nd myself and every time after repetative complaints and no results the school advices to take the child to some other school after this diwali can u advice some better school. currently it is cbse board and we are located at narayan peth, nr. laxmi road heart of city area.

Oh Its too bad! Schools are not supposed to shun students but find ways to help them. Since you have not provided any details of the age and any other thing it's difficult to help you. Kindly write on schoolkhojo.com.

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