Who will I vote and why should you vote too?

By Madhurie Singh, April 15, 2014

I am a born action person. Though, thanks to my two sons, my actions are now more via the blogs I write.

I do not remember much of the times when I took something that was unacceptable to me in the name of chalta hai attitude.

Because personally I believe that everything has a solution. It’s just  the will that may or may not be there to find a solution and then to act upon it.

When I look around my neighborhood, I am appalled by the way people readily accept whatever is being told to them in the name of this is how it has been happening forever!

But, neither me not my kids believe in this meek way of living. I have always taught them to stand up for their rights, even if they are alone. It takes guts to even think of the consequences to be alone and fight for what is right.  And in the end everything becomes fine.

They, see me standing up for others at the cost of my own self and definitely learning it. Remember,it is not possible to please everyone around and do the right thing.

People like to live in their own cocoons with no disturbance, no compassion for others, no commitment to the society. It’s ok for them to see the wrong, hear the wrong and then have the audacity to speak the wrong too! But the karma always comes back. Now the cycle does not really wait even for the next life. 🙂 I will go away from this world, leaving behind, two awesome young men with great values and fearless personalities and my beloved blog that will continue to help parents even after me.

After 60  years, we have found a person who has dared everyone including the so called mighty, hoity and toity. It’s the courage that gives me the conviction to give this part AAP a chance to clean the nation. Else we will all leave this country to the stinking future where talent will go to the dogs and money will goto the bulls and my soul will never be at peace to see the future generation cursing all of us every day!

I am voting for AAP by giving the Jhaadu a jhappi and also giving them time to clean this country. Obviously he can not do it all alone as he is not a God nor any avatar of Lord Krishna! But the only thing that we all can do is at-least go out and vote for Aam Aadmi Party. Let’s make this country worthy for our kids and make them feel proud of the decisions we take today.



Thank you and XOXO

Madhurie Singh

Dear Madhuri I am not able to read your blogs because of Polldaddy.com. I have blocked all the popups, still it comes. Please give me the solution to get rid off this. Minu

:) You can click the cross on right hand top to close it. Sometimes by reducing the screen by pressing ctrl + minus button works on the laptops. Anyways, I have made the poll smaller and single entry. So it will not bother you.

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