Why anyone cannot become a teacher?

By Madhurie Singh, April 27, 2016

Parents, you must advocate for your kids but you must also support your child’s teacher

A lot of parents have been taught that it is their job to advocate for their kids. That is absolutely true. But remember, advocating for your child should not take away from your responsibility to support your child’s teacher. Supporting your child’s teacher means listening to them and acknowledging what they say about your child because, believe it or not, your child may behave differently out of your presence than they do in it. 

Many parents also seem to miss the fact that teachers are professionals. Just because everyone has gone to school does not mean everyone is an expert in teaching. When you contradict or question your child’s teacher in front of your child, you are telling your child that the teacher’s authority is not to be respected. 

When a teacher tells you about something, don’t turn to your child and ask if what their teacher is saying is true. You may think you are involving your child in the discussion, but what you have actually done is to question that teacher’s reliability to their face. Think of it from the teacher’s perspective. You have essentially told them that you won’t believe what they just told you until your child confirms it.

Parents, your child’s teacher cannot replace your role in your child’s education

A lot of parents have been incorrectly led to believe that teachers can teach their kids all the life lessons they need in school. As parents we are the people responsible for instilling good and respectful behaviours in our children, not schools. 

A lot of parents also say “I’ll leave that for my kid’s teacher to cover.” Well, think of the numbers. Your child’s teacher is with them for about seven hours a day, five days a week, for about 30 weeks a year. That is not enough time to teach them how to behave on top of teaching them the curriculum. 

Your job as a parent is to set an example and teach your children the important lessons of life. Your child’s teachers can supplement your lessons, but you are the ones who your kids will imitate, so give them something good to imitate.
Not written by me.

I totally agree that teachers cannot teach everything in so little time they spend with so many children in a class. It is parents who are responsible for the way your child behaves or has learnt good or not so good things. First it is through genes second by observing and imitating parent's behavior and third by the kind of atmosphere children get at home. Or there is something extreme which has happened at school / home which has or may change the outlook of tender heart and mind. In short if we would not teach our child to respect his or her teacher then except curriculum they would not learn anything good from their teachers.

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