Why do women wear diapers?

By Madhurie Singh, February 15, 2012

“Mom what is that?” My 6 year old asked me while watching TV 2 years back.

“Oh that’s diapers for women.” I said as coolly as I could. End of the curiosity.

The 6 year old then is now 8 year old, asked a new question again prompted by the TV ads.

“Mom, why do women wear diapers? I am not wearing even though I am younger?”

I knew the truth must be told, but only enough to satisfy their young mind’s curiosity till the next stage.

So without thinking much I rattled off, later very pleased with my explanation.

“Every month God makes women ready to have a baby. So he makes extra cushion wall in the tummy to keep the baby safe. But when he sees no baby, he tells the brain to throw the wall out of the body. The diaper helps the women to collect and throw it. “

“Ok” and he continued to watch the TV.

“But how does a baby come inside the tummy?”

“Just like fruits, all girls and women have seeds which grows in to a baby when they want a baby.”




Simple and meaningful explanation.

Very well articulated

good luck

hahaha... I love reading these... getting prepared for my turn....

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