Why Hindus are asked to keep idols of Gods facing East?

By Madhurie Singh, April 13, 2012

 Keep the Gods in the west facing the east? This is a superstition which needs to be shed.

Simple logic here.

Since there was no electricity in the olden says and the houses were tiny and small, the source of natural light was sunlight from the windows.

Earlier all houses had their windows in the east to get sunlight.

So made it sense to keep the idols in the west side of the room facing the east so that when the sunlight fell on the Gods idols, at least one could see their faces. And when they could see the faces, they would do the rituals better and feel connected more.

Now that was when there was no electricity. 

Today this rule can be bent as we have light at the tip of our fingers. So do not get scared if someone ever tells you that you have placed your temple in the wrong side of the house. Find the best suitable place which is definitely well lit, not close to any bad odour as it prevents concentration and ofcourse any side of the room. 🙂

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