Why I turned to eating our ancient Indian food?

By Madhurie Singh, December 05, 2016

My 13 yr son lost 7 kgs in 2 months and I am losing fat gradually ever since I started to focus on what food was cooked by our ancestors. The result is not very quick and dramatic as you observe in diets or weight loss pills.

This post is for parents who want to give healthy food to their children but are confused. Not their fault. Our society takes pride in eating Non-Indian food especially the youth. TV, media and movies have glamorized eating Pizza and Burgers so much that it has become a status symbol to eat them. My sons too happily eat these western food without a single fuss but will take hours to finish Daal Chawal and Roti Subzi.

I was always focusing on healthy food but missed out on one very important factor. “Our genes!”

So when my teenage son who was always chubby wanted to slim down, I started to go back to the masalas that have been passed down by my nani and mom to me. They burn fat and boost metabolism.  We have been eating these masalas especially made by my mom during winters and post partum. Maybe that is why I quickly lost all the fat without any side effects but never gave any thought to it.


I started to give him the same masalas and started to be curious about the ingredients. Also, I was challenged by a few Ayurveda followers about my knowledge to ignore it. Yes! I was always pro allopathic. Even now I am pro allopathic drugs but open to Ayurveda too. Realizing my ignorance would not allow me to argue much on this subject, I spent the whole of last year reading books on Ayurveda. I have to give the biggest credit to Mr. Rajiv Dixit, whose videos got me interested into the logic of each ingredient. I bought books on Ayurveda by Rajiv Dixit and by Vagbhatt Ji. Initially, it was all Greek to me.

[tweetthis]Values of Ghee, White Butter, Pickles, Masalas, Cold Pressed Oil, cooking & eating within 45min, chakki atta is clear[/tweetthis]

Slowly, the values of Ghee, White Butter, Pickles, Masalas, Cold Pressed Oil, cooking and eating within 45 minutes and chakki atta became obvious.


I have read so much in the past one year, that now when I see any spice, all the benefits, indications and health values start to flash in my head. Why Jeera is so widely used to how Badi Elaichi can cure irritable bowel syndrome!

After reading so many research papers on the internet, it has become obvious that Ghee and Fat was made to look like the villain causing obesity when the actual villain was White Sugar.

It became clear why the factory processed atta of any grain makes us fat or diabetic or causing all kinds of stress related diseases. Read this article where Aashirvaad Atta is cheating us.

Hope to slowly share this information with young parents via this blog to start making the change in the health of their children and self.

Genes, Birth place, Native grains and oils, Grown in India fruits and Vegetables, Indian Spices, Masalas and Myth will be my focus.

Parents must start incorporating these changes in their lifestyle as much as possible. It may not be possible to completely stop using processed factory food but the goal should be to minimize their use.

If you have anything to ask or share, do comment below.

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