Why is sky blue?

By Madhurie Singh, April 25, 2010


To make kids of age group 3 yrs to 7 yrs understand, why sky is blue is a different game!

At SuperIndianKid we successfully explained this by showing them experiment, playing out different color rays and of-course making them understand verbally.

Experiment 1.
We asked all shorter kids to wear blue or purple T-shirts. Older/ taller kids to wear Red, Orange. The middle heighted ones to wear green and yellow.

We made the taller kids sit down. Each smaller kid with blue T shirt, sat on the laps of older kids who wore Red/ Orange T shirt.

Next we called one by one all kids, and asked them which color T Shirt they could see most in the group of sitting kids!
All said Blue.:)


Light splits because it hits air and dust particles in the atmosphere.
Light from the sun splits into 7 colors, the blue/violet are shortest rays of light. Red and orange are tallest rays. Green and yellow are mid sized rays.

Just like we see only blue color T short worn by shorter kids. The shorter blue rays move faster and come in front of the red/orange/yellow/green rays. Also taller rays are slow, so they lag behind while coming towards the earth. :)

Hence, when we human beings look up in the sky, we see only the shorter, blue rays. Hence the sky appears blue in the day time.

As evening proceeds, the shorter, blue rays are absorbed or reflected back.
The taller red and orange rays are the ones that are visible in the evenings or sunset.

Also due to pollution, these red/ orange rays split more into various rays, giving different shades of red, orange, yellow!

Poor green rays do not get the chance to be visible, as they are right behind blue rays.

Experiment 2.

We mixed milk powder in water in a glass container.
When light from the torch passed from one side, the top layer or milky water, appeared blue/violet/indigo! Thus proving and again showing that light when splits, its the blue/purple color rays that we see.

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