Why Transfer Certificate TC Important 2023?

By Madhurie Singh, November 02, 2018

Why Transfer Certificate important? And when is it a valid transfer certificate TC?

A TC from the previous school for class 2 and upward is required to be submitted by the parents changing schools in India. But in 2023, Maharashtra Education Department said that there is no need to get or give a transfer certificate. This is as of now only in Maharashtra state. So when you are moving from Maharashtra to another state in India, you must apply and take a transfer certificate from the school else you will have to come again just to collect TC.
It must be countersigned by a competent authority, for example, the District Education Officer or Regional Officer of CBSE.
In the case of a student who did not study in a recognized school up to class 5, only the parent/ guardian should give a letter to the school.
In the case of a student who did not study in a recognized school after classes 6 to 8, the life of the parents will be really tough getting admission to a recognized school.

When a school has not obtained the NOC and Affiliation of a board, getting admission to the 9th class is impossible.

If a school has not taken affiliation but has taken NOC from the state government then up to class 8, it’s ok to not have the affiliation.

Though a school should have applied for the affiliation in Class 7 itself as it takes a year for the affiliation to be approved and awarded.

How to apply for a School Transfer Certificate TC?

What Documents Required for School Admission?

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