Why people avoid eating non veg in shravan month?

By Madhurie Singh, August 27, 2015

I was really intrigued to hear many people do not eat non Veg in Shravan that is monsoon months in India. No one really knows why but they blindly follow it. But Madhurie Singh is not some one who will believe any superstition and stop cooking non Veg for kids.

So I did a research and found the real reasons why people in the olden days were advised to avoid eating non Veg.

In this month that is August to October in which monsoons are in full blast, the rains come with lot of water born disease like hepatitis, cholera, gastritis and all types of virals that become alive with rain water. The general hygiene is pretty sad as people do not wash hands with soaps after touching public things as simple as door bells, lift buttons and door handles. I am hoping after using a toilet they should be.
This unhygienic handling of food, Veg or Non Veg is the real problem that the people in olden days tried to prevent spread of diseases by starting poojas, festivals and a rule that in monsoon aka Shravan month, non Veg should be avoided.
Most of people believe that meat / non vegetarian food during this month has more chances of get infected. But why people still follow it ? Don’t they have soaps and sanitizers at home? Or they don’t really wash properly?

Another important reason was that
Monsoon is the breeding season for most of the aquatic creatures. And since in the olden days there were no farms to raise these fishes, no one wanted to endanger the population of the fishes for the next one year by eating breeding fishes. But why it is not a valid reason any more? Because the non veg we eat are from the farms especially raised to be processed and packed to be consumed. These are not pregnant or breeding at all!
So people, if you don’t want to eat non veg, don’t, but at least get the facts right. Let your children know the real reason instead of wrapping their minds with fear of superstitions. Do comment and share to let me know if you agree or not.

As per Ayurveda, Sawan or Shravan is the month when our immunity falls at the lowest levels. Eating non-vegetarian, spicy or oily foods during this month can impact the immunity as well as the digestive system as they are heavy to digest.

OK that period is breeding season for only acqutic creatures then what about chicken, sheep, pig, etc

germs are bacterias multiply exponentially during monsoon. Hence any one eating non veg, has greater chances of infection.

Gut flora (that is very important part in digestion which helps to separate nutrients from the food) in small children is not well established and fully developed. Acid secretions bile production etc are not fully functionsl (thats why kids have loose motions frequently than adults, also they are not 'subjected' to 'wordly' viruses to make their immune systems familiar with the 'infections'). Climatic conditions therefore affect more sharply in children than in adults. so when weather is rainy avoiding non veg food is a WISE decision...which is hard to digest and takes much longer time to travel thru small & large intestines should be avoided. same applies with deeply fried food (like bhajiya, vadas etc). There is nothing BLIND or superstitions in this department!

Breeding of animals is the one thing but its not the main thing. When Ayurveda was established there were no cement concrete homes like we do have right now. so effect of climate used to directly affect on human bodies as much as 100%. With new inventions we can almost block 100% of weather effects on our bodies (still some people are highly sensitive that knowing its a rainy season they get cough & cold)..point is our digestion system is at its lowest position, our apetite is also below normal so food that takes long to digest and travel thru intestines should be avoided..therefore pungent foods (like onions, garlic etc too) some vegetables are also avoided along with the NON VEG in the month of Shravan. If your digestive system is stressed outcome is unpleasent you feel tired, fatigue, sleepy and stomach becomes upset. Infection was not really an issue as Heptitites cholera etc were not recognized in ancient Hindu Ayurveda. they are discovered by the western medicine.

Apt response. I beg to disagree with the post. Around me, many know it. My old mother who’s 70 knows what to eat during monsoon to avoid health issues. Was searching for list of food to avoid and ended up in this blog. Keep sharing :)

well said

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