How I lost 25K by not Liking a FB Page?

By Madhurie Singh, November 29, 2013

Two weeks back on the 11 Nov to be precise, I had a workshop with a couple from Gurgaon. These parents had booked my workshop a month in advance.

I had requested them in the mails that followed to Subscribe to my site  so that whenever I write an update on any school admission or any school related news they get the same in their email box. I also requested them to LIKE my Facebook page so that when I share someone else’s news articles on my Facebook Page, they will get a notification about the same. I share mostly School News on Facebook from various sources only and do not write any article about them.

They came on the 11th Nov and the first thing they told me was that they were looking for DPS admissions for Jr Kg.

Assuming that they were reading all my website article updates and Facebook notifications they would have definitely filled the online admission form for DPS. But I was very surprised and rather shocked to hear that they had not filled the DPS form!

I was really not happy as here are these people all the way from Gurgaon, who had not read any of my latest posts, reviews, articles and not even seen my Facebook updates or even twitter updates, and expect to get into DPS, when they have not only not filled the application form, but also the dates for DPS admission was over!

When educated and well informed people do not follow the instructions, what am I suppose to do? I can not write emails to everyone about each update!

I will share with you my own story of how not subscribing and not Liking someone’s page caused me  a Rs 25K loss.

You all know that, I am pretty active on Facebook.   I was following a very influential entrepreneur’s page everyday. I had not liked the page thinking, I am always checking his page everyday, so I will never miss any update he posts on his page.

I was actually going to get a very good course all for a few hundred bucks only as he had told me that the first 10 people to book his session will be at a very big discounted fee.

But, there I was busy with something that this event completely slipped out of my mind. I checked back 1 day late only to see that now the same course was for 30K! 🙁

So the lesson learnt at an expensive rate, I quickly liked his page so that I do not miss any other opportunity.

Yes the number of Facebook LIKES and number of Subscriptions are important to me too.

Another thing:

How many times have you been to a restaurant that is deserted or just 1-2 people inside as compared to the restaurant that is jam packed? It’s a human psychology to go where we see a crowd of similar people.

Similarly, more Likes on my Facebook Page and more Subscriptions on my website, people get confidence in my work. The more people LIKE and Subscribe to my site the better I feel and want to give more to YOU.

After all, for all the hard work in researching and writing has to be compensated in some way if not momentarily always! There are many web consultant who tell me that I should charge you even for reading my articles! That is something I will not do as this is my passion too to provide information to You.

So if you do not wish to lose out by missing any of  School related News articles

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