Why we save the best forever?

By Madhurie Singh, August 31, 2012

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Well this phenomenon is universal. We all have the tendencies to save the best of things for that one or two occasions which somehow never comes!

Off-late I am trying to detach myself from this emotion and either use the things which I have kept for the so called special occasion or just give it away as I know that time is now gone atleast from my life. Many things are now part of my helpers homes. ๐Ÿ™‚

Some of the things I have decided to use or give away or just throw away:

  •  I started first with my several pair of sandals and foot wears.  So many of them and nearly half of them with 6-8 inch heels! I have switched to comfortable and not more than 3 inch heels after I was warned by an uncle about the pains and trauma to the feet I was causing which will show up in my old age. ๐Ÿ™ Also many footwear were just lying around as they were neatly packed so too cumbersome to take them out and again pack them in their boxes. So now many are part of my daily wear. A lot of kids' footwear goes to a tribe.
  • The next items were all my handbags and purses. I have collected so many over the time that I feel ashamed of myself now. So many are again out of their packs and lying right in the wardrobe to be picked easily.

  • My artificial jeweleries which were not much in fashion went away to young girls in the family and many are still around. So promised to wear them as much possible without over doing.
  • The kids clothes and my clothes were long gone thanks to the donation drive.
  • Then I found my hubbies collection of shoes, sandals and foot wears, which was not difficult to give away. ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Then came the kitchen. Since I was in the spree to throw away all plastics I found it rather easy to pick all the non sticks and put them in a bag today. Ordered stainless steel cookware with glass lids (!) from Bergner. Will share the happiness when they arrive.
  • Next stuff  I know that would be the bedsheets and bedcovers that will be my target. 
  • And then all the books and stationary which never come out of their storage!

Trust me it feels really LIGHT and CLEAN when the home has only what is needed! Saving is great provided it can be used by the immediate generation with the same love. But remember with time, fashion and taste changes and also the condition of the stuff we were saving with such great care and space ! I have seen my parents just throw away or give away anything that is old and not in use for more than 1-2 years. Use your discretion though as this is possible only when you or your kids are not growing in size any more . ๐Ÿ˜‰ Also expensive brands like watches and leather etc always are received with same love and enthusiasm any generation. 

By the way we (the NGO I am associated with ) also collects old clothes and all the stuff mentioned for a tribal village near Thane where people are so poor that one piece of towel is all they wear the entire life !

So just in case you wish to donate stuff which you do not really need and think will need in future, do GIVE AWAY before its useless.

Just a request when you wish to donate make it respectable to be received by the needy.

  • Clothes must be not tattered.
  • Neatly washed and folded clothes are good gesture. ( I wash every thing I want to give in one cycle, dry them and fold them in plastic bags. I always think how would I feel if someone gave me this stuff in this condition.)
  • Try to keep the bags of kid clothes and adult clothes separate (not mandatory) as it makes our lives easy when we sort them out to distribute. You see not a single soul should be left without a piece of cloth. So we sort age wise too. 
  • I think even pencils, books, notebooks, stationary in general are received with such enthusiasm that tears are hard to hide.
  • Utensils and furniture also if small in size can be given.

You can mention it as a comment below and will see that someone contacts you or your bags are collected. I did not start out this post with donation in mind at all but looks like that is a mission that is part of my life and will show up whenever possible. ๐Ÿ™‚


Hey that's wonderful habit! I do it like a bulk but this seems great way too. Infact today I severed relationships with many of the old clothes from my wardrobes just to give way to new ones !. "After watching "What not to wear was inspired to throw" :)

dear madhurie....so so happy to read your article :) I've made it a habit in my home that when I buy anything new before that atleast 2 old items have to be removed and then it is replaced with the new item, be it clothes, toys, kitchen stuff... and now even my 5 year old daughter will first put her old toy or dress out from the cupboard and then only will put d new one in her cupboard....

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