Yatra.com for my kids!

By Madhurie Singh, December 04, 2011

Recently we were planning for holiday trips.

I would talk and ask my kids where all we could go and what were the ways to check out holiday packages and tours.

SO we came across Yatra.com, Makemytrip and many suck holidaymakers.

One night while watching the TV, we were face to face with the interesting advertisement by Yatra.com.

The voice over was mentioning the benefits of the Yatra.com packages something like this…

" We take care of your food, travel and rooms. So just leave every thing to us and enjoy !"

My younger son, with real serious face, asked me, " Mom, do they do homeworks also?"

I was in fits of laughter and his wittines, but realised from the look of my son's face that it was a rather genuine query for which he was wanting a serious answer too.

So I had to break his heart and tell him that I will definitely mail them your request and see if they can finish your homework while we have only masti.

So we sat and wrote a mail to Yatra.com

Not expecting a reply, we actually got a reply!!!

They offered to help him in his homework if he brought them along !





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