Yippy my son got through ST MARY’S SCHOOL Pune, India !

By Madhurie Singh, July 23, 2008

 Written by Madhurie Singh on 24th Feb 2008.

St Mary’s School Pune is one of the best ICSE schools in Pune. This post is a narration of the day my son got admission to Pune’s best school as per the popularity in 2008 and I was the only blogger writing reviews of preschools. From this school, the blog also grew and I could write about primary schools too. This is a simple but helpful post for parents seeking admission requirements, admission tips, documents needed, and interview questions asked in the admission process of the school.

Madhurie Singh son at St Mary's School Camp Pune Annual Day 2009

The day my son got admission to St Mary’s Pune School

I am a very proud and free mom today. Why? ‘Cause finally, my elder son got through the St Mary’s School in Upper KG! I should have hunted for schools and admission when he was to go to LKG. I bet if you are reading this post then you too would have missed applying in Nursery or Junior KG or would have been ignorant like me about the admission process in Pune.

I was quite unaware that as a parent I should have searched for a primary school a year in advance for my son to get admission at the entry level of any school.

What is the Entry Level of a School?

The entry-level of any school is that level where the school starts its admission for an entirely new class. In the earlier times (my time in the ’70s), Grade 1 used to be the entry level of most schools. But in the past decade or more, the entry-level has reduced. The schools have understood that in this competitive era, it’s better to capture students as early as possible. The schools are ready to bear the issues of dealing with non-potty trained toddlers than lose out their potential students to any other primary school.

The Written Test in St Mary’s School Pune

The written test for admission in Sr Kg or Preparatory class as it’s called in St Mary’s School Pune was like a shock to us. I was wondering what can a 4.5-year-old have learned in his entire life until then. A bit hilarious also. But later I understood that the written tests have a purpose that parents won’t understand unless we are part of school management. Yet. my friend and I along with our spouses went as if we were going to a picnic. Moreso because I had tagged along my younger son who was barely 3 years old then. So with a bag full of snacks, milk, water, toys, crayons, and coloring papers, we were enjoying the entire hullaballoo inside the school premise. Most parents seemed stressed. A few kids were crying and not listening to their parents. Many started wailing loudly when they were separated from their parents for the written test. One kid refused to go without the mother and the parents were hapless. I think they left without going through the further admission process.

My son waved happily and went along with other kids into a room with a teacher to give the first written test of his life! On the day of my son’s written test (imagine that for a 4.5 yr old) and an oral test, I was quite sure he will do well as he is a brilliant learner! Am I a confident mom or what! 😀

You know, he likes to learn about everything and anything! Such intelligent questions he keeps asking?

One question in the interview was what objects do you use on a rainy day?

He told me all that he could think of including an umbrella, raincoat, and gumboots, and then he added, “Teacher you can use newspaper also if you don’t have anything else!”

I knew I don’t have to worry after he recounted his interview answers to me.

The other questions were like

  • What fruits are yellow in color amongst a basket of fruits left there
  • Pick round shapes from assorted shapes of cardboard pieces
  • What is his favorite cartoon

You should read this list of Interview questions and answers for preschool, nursery, jr kg, sr kg that I wrote immediately after he finished his interview with St Mary’s School Pune. I would advise you to take a printout and add a few more current topic questions. Though I will be updating that list of questions and answers too. This is one more list of questions you must read.

What Question are Asked to Parents in School Interview?

The interview was scheduled a few days later. We were wondering what questions are asked to parents in school interview? We just did not have any clue. I asked my friend, who too was in the same boat of ignorance as us. Yet we were amongst the most chilled-out parents along with one more mother who was a Cardiac Surgeon.

So on the parents’ interview day, my hubby and I waited for one hour for our turn with butterflies in my tummy as we were getting closer to the Principal’s room.

We were dressed like it was our job interview minus the blazers. I like to dress up always so it was not an issue for me. So in a pair of blue jeans and a white shirt, we both looked color-coordinated though that was unplanned. But now when I think of it, it was a good idea to minimize distraction.

 Ms. Mathew, the Director of St Mary’s was smiling and looking through her spectacles. She asked me, “So you are Shourya’s Parents?”  And we replied “Yes”. Not forgetting any of our etiquette, we pulled the chair to sit down.
Mrs. Mathew who was beaming said with a lovely smile, ” Oh your son has done very well, he is a brilliant child! 

Then she asked where my younger son goes. I told her as of now a playschool called KinderBrook pre-school at Kalyaninagar Pune, will be here after one year to join his brother in St Mary’s School.

Hoping to see any change in expression or an answer to counter my far-fetched thoughts, I looked into her eyes. (I have this habit of looking straight into a person’s eyes so deep that I am able to read even the pictures the brain is forming! Just Kidding.) She just smiled. And we waited for a few minutes more, but no questions! So I finally asked her if we could leave.
She told us yes!

Tricky Interview questions asked to Parents by School Principals during school admission process.

Awaiting Results of St Mary’s School Pune

Congratulations to all our students who have secured admission in Boy’s Preparatory Class of St Mary’s School Camp Pune. This was the email title and after a week when we logged into the school site to check if he is selected or not.


He’s done it!

We have done it, pals!

And guess what? The fee including the admission fee is only Rs 8800/- for 6 months.

From Rs 50000 to Rs 90000 admission fee, to Rs 2000–Rs 5000 monthly tuition fee, the fee here seemed to be quite low! 

Chief Guest of Sports Day at Kinderbrook Preschool Kalyaninagar

Admission Process and Documents Needed for Submission

The email we received from St Mary’s school about my son’s admission confirmation also provided a list of documents that needed to be submitted to the school office the day we were asked to pay the fee too. There were loads of documents that needed to be submitted for the admission purpose.

  • Photographs
  • Certificates
  • House address proofs

I made this post to make your life easier as to what documents are needed for admission purposes in schools. These must be done even before you start searching for schools in Pune.


If you are a parent seeking admission to St Mary’s Boys or Girls Preparatory class in Camp, Pune, you must read this post and follow them step by step. Start by figuring out the date when the application forms are available online on the website of St Mary’s School Camp Pune. Make all documents ready as explained in the article. Prepare your child for the written test and interview. You too must prepare for the parent’s interview questions which I have elaborated on here.