You must check out the BIG change in the Look of my blog?

By Madhurie Singh, April 29, 2014

Change from anything is difficult.  Not because it actually difficult to execute, it’s the thought to move away from the things we get so damn used to. We fear because of the unknown and uneasiness we may face.  It’s the survival mantra of our brain from the time we have come into existence.

So Did you notice the Look of the website today?

Well, I bought a new theme and installed it. The way I’m spending money, my husband must be wondering what the hell is she getting by spending loads of his hard earned money on this blog ! I must tell you I was sooooooo scared to be changing from the old theme to the new theme. No, no! Not because I was scared to do it, but because there are so many small and big points that has to be kept in mind before the theme is changed, lest every thing comes crashing down!

But then, I have been trying it out on a temp site and it was working fine for weeks!

So at 2 am this morning, when most of you were asleep, except for a few from North America region, I clicked Activate!

And as fast as possible, I started to change the Header, favicon,  Sidebars, Images and so many tiny widgets and plugins that need careful information change to point to the right places.

I am still testing it.

So after a few days, you will a different layout of homepage. Then you can tell me which layout you like the most.

I use Google Analytics intrinsically to gather the visitors information and track everything from who to where to when, in order to understand WHY? The researcher inside me is the happiest when I am with Google Analytics. It’s like decoding and actually visualizing who is visiting my blog, what pages they land on, where do they move from there, what do they click, which page is the last one to leave to come back again next time! I can spend hours and hours just watching these numbers, graphs and charts. 🙂 I know, I am crazy. No worries, now these tags “yedi, crazy, pagal, mental”, seem more as a complement to me, kinda, approving my passion all the more.

When I got up this morning, I was too busy with a silly carpenter who was trying to fix a new window AC in my room. He could not stand the idea that someone non carpenter could tell him how to do his job, that too a lady! I tell you these ignorant, idiotic, mcps are found in every class of our bigot society.

But having worked with these lot a lot, I insisted he do exactly how I directed him. I do not like to spoil my  house walls by breaking them or scraping them and then trying to fix them later! Is not better to find a way that the wall is not broken, however tiny it may be! Who is going to paint that tiny portion after he leaves? These after thoughts come to me first, somehow! 🙂

Finally he had no choice but to obey my orders, much to the irritation of my husband who has to be told to be on my side, instead of the carpenters, electricians, drivers, maids etc etc as he feels they need HIS support when I blow my top! 😀

Anyways, a few minutes after I came back from a short call, the carpenter was gone! My hubby was standing on the stool knocking inside the AC cage! He had paid the carpenter, who was too happy to leave when his work was now done by someone else and madamji was not around just for 10 minutes !

I was really pissed off! So came to my laptop and checked the Google Analytics to see the effect of the new theme ! That’s my way of cooling down. 🙂

I felt that I missed a heartbeat when it was Nil,  Shoonya, Zero!!!!!…$%^&*&^%$%^&

Here I was imagining an increase by at least 1000 visits ,  but now the figure was  zero!!!

And then it clicked to me, that the code was not in the new theme, as the old tracker was gone with the old theme. 🙁

So quickly I installed a plugin and set the Google tracking code.

Now that everything is all fine, I am a bit chilled out. There are many tweaks that will happen slowly, so just bear with me and with the speed, with the layout and with any changes. Check out the chilled drink below I am hoping to drink.

Expert Product Review


So what do you think of the new theme. It’s just laid down with its bare features as I want to test on the humongous data that I have and then once you approve it, I will make it more visually appealing. Do you like it? What are the features you think you want to see more? Just write your thoughts below in the comments and chill out with the coooool drink!




Dear Madhurie, Do you develop website for bloggers only or have you done other projects too in area of education, ebooks etc. I am looking for a developer. Please reply, Arpita

SO r u! A CS , looking after a child and managing a group

Very cool look Madhurie, way to go :) I've been visiting your site almost everyday after finding it around a month ago...gone through most of the archives!!! it would be a great help if you could review some day-care facilities too...or if parents can post their reviews somewhere...just a thought. We are moving to Pune in around a month and I m crushing with guilt about putting my darling daughter in day care. I am sure there would be many moms passing through same phase, so your inputs would help a lot. Love, Monica

:) Thanks Monica. Yes I will be reviewing a few nearby daycares soon after my Kashmir vacations. :)

Thanks Bhuveneswari. Now i m an expert WordPress website developer too. Started a small team to develop websites for bloggers who need budget website.

You r super women.I always wonder how u manage so many tasks : )

liked the new look.. better than the earlier.. :)

Liked the new look!!!!!!!!!!! Very systamatic and more Professional !!!!!!!!

Thanks! More to come , keep dropping by dear Suvarna!

Good effort madhurie.I liked it

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