Read about Madhurie Singh, Founder of this Site

My Purpose

This Blog was started with the Purpose to Empower Parents by curating and sharing information about Preschools. The purpose remain the same with the extension to other areas like schools, coaching classes, products for children and parenting. We believe that Empowered Parents Shape Better Futures.

What I do

I help parents find the right preschool, school, coaching, residential school, product for various ages-stages and parenting which is best fit for their children.

Why I do

Because with information comes power to choose and reject. Because parents must know everything before taking admission or paying money to buy a product or a class.

How I do

I review schools, products, preschools, residential schools and share information with you. Decision is yours.

My Goal of 2023-24

My goal is to curate as many schools, residential schools and preschools data in Pune so that for 2024-25 academic admission year, Parents have a gold mine of information to read, analyse, decide and finalize the right school/ preschool/ coaching/ residential-boarding school for their children.

The Review Process

School reviewing is a time taking laborious task. Yet, I follow a system and do the reviews to the best of my abilities so that you as a parent do not waste your money and several months in frustration seeking information about schools. You can read here about the school review process I follow meticulously for you.

Privacy Policy

I do not share details of any parent with any one. If the parents agree and have agreed in written only then I use their details in my actions. Also I always get the matters of concern in written via email verified over a phone call before taking any action. Read more about the privacy policy and terms here.


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