Admission Notice Bishops school Pune 2017-18

By Madhurie Singh, December 02, 2016

Bishops Pune School has opened its admission form.

The online form is available for Lower KG for Camp branch and Nursery for Kalyaninagar and Undhri branches.
Forms are available from Dec 1, 2016 12:00AM to Dec 5,  2016 11:30PM

Click this link.

The normal age groups for admission to the various classes are as follows: Copied from The School’s Website.

Age Group
Nursery (Kalyaninagar & Undri) 3 years
3.11 years
Lower KG 4 years
4.11 years
UKG 5 years
5.11 years
std. I 6 years
6.11 years
std. II 7 years
7.11 years
std. III 8 years
8.11 years
std. IV 9 years
9.11 years
std. V 10 years
10.11 years
std. VI 11 years
11.11 years
std. VII 12 years
12.11 years
std. VIII 13 years
13.11 years
std. IX 14 years
14.11 years
std. X 15 years
15.11 years
Class 11 (Camp- Co-Ed) 16 years
18 years

Please Note:
1.The age limits shown above are as on the 31st July of the Academic Year
2.Students are usually not admitted in class VIII and above unless they come from an I.C.S.E. school and have a good academic record (Only if there are vacancies).
3.Age limit for particular classes will be strictly adhered to. Students too old/Young for a class will not be admitted.


1. Applications for admissions should be made on-line through the on-line Admissions form available at  .Please log on and follow the instructions on-line to fill in the form.

2. No admission will be considered until all the requirements are fully met.

3. Parents/Guardians must give an undertaking, in writing that they will abide by the rules and regulations of the School as made from time to time.

4. The Principal,CEO & Hon.Secretary does not bind himself to furnish any reason for rejecting any application.

5. The documents should be get verified and submitted as per the Admission Notice.

6. A transfer Certificate from a recognized school will be required when admission is granted to classes 2 and above.

7. If a pupil has come from a different State, the Transfer Certificate must be countersigned by the appropriate Inspector concerned. Only a Transfer Certificate from a recognized school is accepted. If a boy has come from a different country, the Transfer Certificate must be countersigned by the appropriate officer of the Indian Embassy/Consulate in that country concerned.

8. If a Transfer Certificate is delayed as a result of being sent for counter signature, a provisional certificate from the previous school may be submitted. Admissions granted will be provisional till a proper Transfer Certificate, duly signed and stamped by the appropriate authority, is submitted.

9. When a child is admitted on a Transfer Certificate he will not be placed in a class higher than that which the Transfer Certificate shows him to be qualified in the appropriate month of the particular year. He will not be promoted before the end of the school year. There can be no relaxing of this Rule, which is a Government Directive.

10. Admission will only be confirmed on payment of one term’s fees. This amount will be credited and adjusted against the first term’s bill. The amount is not refundable if a place accepted is later refused.

If you have any question related to Bishops School, post your comment below.

Hi, I have applied for Nursery admission at kalyani nagar Bishops, still not received any further update for interactive session . What time is take for further process. By what time you get invite for interactive session.

How do the bhishop school camp select children for new admission for lkg we have given interview they did not ask our son anything only name was asked and was given chocolate they asked us profession, distance from house to school,how the child goes to school,??

hello Mam, My Kid is 6 year old , & I wanted to put him in ICSE pattern schools, since he has completed his from rosary school(ICSE), could you please suggest me the name of the school for 1st standard in camp area? where he will get the admission in 1st standard. Please advice

Too many schools. Kindly google a few and then I will help you.

Hi,I m looking admission for my daughter and son in Kalyani Nagar Bishop for std 9 and 5 ,what is the procedure .

Mam, out of the two schools I.e Hutchings and Bishops Undri, which one is good..My son got selected for pre nursery in Hutchings and we are awaiting for Bishops results.... Please enlighten Thank you. Neha Dixit


Hi We just moved in Pune from USA. We would be staying in kharadi. Please advise which schools are the best in this area. I am looking for CBSE or ICSE board. My son would be taking admission in std 4 now. My husband enquired at Bishops but they told him that they have stopped admitting students to 3rd and 4th std. Can we do something about this. Will we be able to get admission in a good school?

Nothing. Try in other schools.

I m looking for admission to UKG class for my daughter at Undri branch for 2017-18. Please tell me how to proceed?

Check their website.

Hello Mam, When New Academic Session will start in Bishops school for Nursery? Regards, Umesh


My son is born on 16.08.2013. Seeking admission for 2017-18 batch. So due to cut off date criteria as on 31 July, he will be short by 16 days for admission to junior kg. He will have to repeat nursery if I follow the cut off as on 31 july. If any school permits admisson to Jr kg with undertaking from parent, shall I go ahead with that or get into repeating nursery and following the cut off strictly….please help Kiran

Repeat the class

I am looking admission for my daughter in Class V at Bishop KalyaniNagar. When the admission for class V will start. I am not getting any details for Class V.

pls try in march.

My Daughter Completes 4 Years in June 2017. How can i apply for Bishops undri or kalyaninagar?

I am not able to understand where is the confusion, Pls apply if her age is fitting into the criteria. Else wait.

As per Bishops age criteria for undri and kalyaninagar, the child should be between 3 - 3.11 years as on or till 31st July 2017. But my daughter will be 4 years old as on 31st July 2017. How can i apply they are not accepting forms. are there any chances if they open the admissions for co-ed for Jr kg?

No you can't try now. Wait for March when they open for all classes.

Hi, I am staying Near by Manjri Farm, Bus service is not available for my area hence application is will rejected or will they accept my form? What is the process for selection after applying for nursery.

Distance is important. You need not select this school if the distance is a concern. There are other schools nearby that are better.

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