How much will the graduation and post graduation cost in 15 years

By Madhurie Singh, March 13, 2012

This is not to scare any of you, but it is a big and rude fact of life.

Last few months I have been working on our financial goals and in the process found the hard to digest educational fee that I will have to be ready with for my children’s studies.

I am glad that I am not a spend thrift or have fake show off lifestyle, unlike many who I am sure are unaware of the figures below.  I have two sons in class 3 and 1 now. So this is a snapshot of the funds I have to generate in four different years starting from 2021, 2023, 2025 and 2025. The figures are indicative only though the current fee for most courses are quite close to the reality except for the medical as it totally depends on the states, cities and the colleges.

Now all you parents start to make your own financial goal and find out when you need how much for your kids education lest they curse you for not being sufficiently ready.

I would recommend that you discuss with your children about the funds that will be needed in the language they understand.

What ever is your status and lifestyle, after providing for your retirement, start planning on the kids education NOW!

This is the only time am very thankful that I had children late, giving us enough time to plan. 

To provide for son who is in class 3 Post graduation fees  Fee in 2012 fee in 2025
Master in Engineering 120000 310,000.00
Masters in others 200000 520,000.00
Masters in business 1500000 4,000,000.00
MD 5000000 15,000,000.00
To provide for  son who is in class 1 Post graduation fees fee in 2012 fee in 2027
Master in Engineering 120000 330,000.00
Masters in others 100000 550,000.00
Masters in business 1500000 4,350,000.00
MD 5000000 15,000,000.00
To provide for son who is in class 3 Graduation fees  Fee in 2012 fee in 2021
Bachelor in Engineering 240000 480,000.00
Bachelor in others 200000 400,000.00
MBBS 5000000 9,500,000.00
To provide for  son who is in class 1 Graduation fees fee in 2012 fee in 2023
Bachelor in Engineering 240000 540,000.00
Bachelor in others 200000 460,000.00
MBBS 5000000 11,300,000.00

In case you need help, do post a comment here.

Updates a few figures from per year to total years taken for each course.

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LOL ya that will ensure their pocket money :) But seriously its gonna be tough

Have to make my kid do some summer jobs I guess :)

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