How to test purity of Milk at home- Chitale, Amul Failed !

By Madhurie Singh, September 12, 2009

I am disgusted 🙁 !

I feel guilty and wish I had listened to my elder son’s plea that he did not like the taste of the milk. I would coax him with all kinds of stories. But even though he has stopped drinking milk since last one and half years now, my younger son loves to drink only milk !

I wish I had done this simple test easlier which I do now, then all my guilt would have gone.

I wanted to make paneer out of the excess milk I had at home. It was Amul toned milk. This is 4 days back story!
I first added half lemon juice, but there was no change in the milk. Then added one tablespoon of lemoneez. Still nothing happened. Another two table spoon of lemoneez and the milk refused to curdle!

I was very shocked. I called my husband from another room. Discussed with him and that took around 5 more minutes. When we reached back to the kitchen, the milk had changed its consistency only where lemoneez was added. It looked like a rubbery white lump. So I mixed the whole thing in the milk with a spoon and gave a vigourous stir. And guess what, there was no change in the rest of the milk!

Next I tried the same testing with Chitale milk. That too refused to curdle back !

The last brand I tested was Katraj. Thankfully, the milk started to curdle the moment I added just half a lemon. 🙂

I now know why the ghee that I made out of all the stored malai looks, smells and tastes like dalda !
Dalda is vanaspati ghee. Thankfully Vanaspati was made of plants, mostly from palm oil which was hydrogenated.

But can milk too be make out of plant ? Or are the chemicals used to make the fake milk made of plant extracts? This seems quite likely. I really have no clue of source of the chemicals but I do know one thing for sure.

I will have to continue my quick home test every day for as little as one cup of milk with lemon, to assure myself if I am giving pure milk to my kids. The tiny amount of paneer I make out of this testing process goes immediately in any daal, gravy or dough for the day. So I know I am safe as long as I do the test.

I wish anyone  reading this page, tries it randomly if not everyday, to drink pure milk and not the poisioned, adultrated milk.

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Great tip,thanks for sharing!,check out home remedies at live a little longer-

Thanks for great share... I was looking something like this simple...

Great share. Nice informative. Just want to share some thoughts on the adulteration in milk. There are brands like Pride of cows that deliver milk within hours of milking the cow. These are brands that are trying to eradicate milk adulteration from India. Rather than testing adulterated milk every day, it is better to just switch brands and drink milk without any worry.

Hi. Is Amul milk from tetra packs safe to consume

Govt standards make 65% of real mink rest is added water...if you drink milk directly from the cow/buffalo you will realize that best of best milk (branded) as well as the one milkman delivers at doorstep is very watery!

BTW do you know how milk is processed after all milkman add their share of fresh milk in a ctank? there is a process where fat is 'separated' from the milk by means of boiling the whole lot...then added back to the milk in government prescribed standards... so for every 1 ltr of bag there is a fixed amount of fat (cream)

HAHAHA! your experiment is un-scientific, sorry to say this! it doesnt prove purity of milk. Katraj dairy is IN pune so freshness of milk is more than the Chitale milk (Bhilavadi) or Amul (New Bombay) by some 10-12 hours (time needed for transport)... more fresh the milk it quickly curdles...but very important thing is how and when you add lemon juice. First you MUST use completely clean and dry pot for milk, secondly you MUST keep stirring milk till it comes to boiling temperatute..(many people let milk boil without stirring, and when it comes to boil add vinegar or lemon juice)...once milk starts boiling and air bubbles come up reduce the gas flame to lowest level and add half lemon's juice for every 250ml (for 1 ltr 2 big lemon are needed thoroughly squizzed)...else vinegar 2-3 big spoons is sufficient...add lemon juice in a circular fashion...not at once... use a spatula which is coated with desi ghee to keep stirring it (if you use dry spatula curdled milk sticks to it) 2-3 min greenish water separates from milk and paneer gets formed....keep stirring until water completely separates from paneer...immediately filter it using metal filter...pour ice cold water over it and put it in the dry clean white cloth and squeeze all water in it. I am personally making paneer from CHitale milk for some 20 years now...never even once I experienced what you are saying... USE fresh milk (check the date of expiry) cream/fat content is strictly maintained in Chitale milk. Katraj milk is more watery than Chitale milk... and quality is low too.

mam thanks for sharing.

try on full cream amul milk

very essential and important to know what kind of milk are we givin to our kids

Thanks Frnd my mumma already try this and the results are same as urs

Thnx a lot friend..I'll myself do this test daily.

Thank you to share this information... It is quite helpful

very good test. I would like to try it.

mam tell me easy method of idintify topure milk.

Simple, user a small amount of milk and try to coagulate it using vinegar.

Milk from pure Indian breeds is best. Jersey milk or mixed breed milk is bad. Buffalo milk dulls the brain. Best is to experience the love of cows and bulls by making them part of the family. Hare Krishna

Hi, I have doubts about the milk i use. It is from local milk man. My worry is -i get goog paneer & all that ,but when i leave milk out side (in room) it does not split for 1-2 days & ater that it splits. If anybody can tell me what is this??

Sujata, Any time the milk does not curdle there is over dose of chemicals that are added in the milk to prevent curdling. You should ask the milk man directly and tell him, you are taking the milk for testing.

hey...even i had the experience with the milk we were buying...even m shocked after the incident.......i think the day is not far when we have to have our own cow and buffalos..

yes.. i heard that news.. moreover, there was a news that some people were caught selling adulterated milk in used(and cleaned) amul milk packets :O you can't trust anyone these days.. :( but i will surely do this test on the milk which i get. thnx fr idea :)

Sure u must try it and tell me and other parents about your experience

Pallavi Mali Ladkat I think all tetra pack are good.

Gr8 inf madhuri..ty..I m giving nan3 exclusively.. I had a thought f giving normal cow milk..but now..its a big no..which tetra pak milk is da best????

Etiksha Goyal -Hi Etiksha ,me too in Hyd,may i know from where u get Org Milk?

what we r giving our children to drink, is that milk or smthng else, I m stillin dilemma!


Actually I get whole milk and good paneer now from the local milkman.

Anand Tadkod How true?

That's what I say, you cant get pure milk at the price which is being sold at not, & don't expect pure milk to be that cheap. People don't want to pay for pure milk bills then they pay for medical bills sooner....

I ment paneer is a type of cheese in my comment

You have to boil the milk and if it is toned how do I expect to get any cheese from it Osbert is a type of cheese which is formed from the fats in milk no fats no cheese u should try it with whole milk and u can still have all kinds of impurities in milk and still make paneer only way to know is lab Osbert or I could be making synthetic paneer

there is tons of difference between what kind of milk you use , like Pasteurized , toned,Homogenized etc. The property of milk get changes according to that . I hope before testing you have used same kind of milk from different brands. Regards, Prashant

u bet on that.


You are welcome :)

Ever since I started Organic milk delivery I can see, feel and taste the difference in milk, paneer, yogurt as well as home made ghee. So I'm never going back to package milk if I can help it.

Hi Etiksha, even I stay in hyd. Can you please tell where do we get organic milk in hyd? Please msg me the details

thanks for the tip! I had called the local food testing labs and they were charging atrocious amounts for milk testing!

I guess milk is always boiled and then lime or vinegar added to cause curdling.

are u sure u heated these milk samples before squeezing the lime.... bcoz otherwise it would not curdle.

Dr. Madhurie, This test will helpful in case of milk is make out of completely from chemicals like urea and other...but in case of 80% natural milk and 20% chemical mix in that case, can this test work or we need to some other test...?? Rgds, Mitesh Shah

Firstly I am not a dr, but a software engg n MBA. :-) Yes if you add vinegar n in one min the milk does not curdle it has either too much preservatives or adultrated.

Excellent Tip...

i tried to make curd with amul milk and the curd is not like normal one . try and u'll know wat i mean .

Every milk brand is distributed by people who can replace milk and adulterate it. Curd is different as the "jaman" which you use is the main culprit. If you use Danone curd you will get very slimy curd as compared to jaman from local brands.

Hi Madhurie, Milk property is to curble after adding lemon to it. I am a Veterinary Doc. So regarding milk I can say tht there are different kinds of adultrations in milk like they add urea also, milk powder to increase the thicknees of the milk. Even at farm, for more milk production thay inject oxytoxin (a hormone which increases milk production). So, your suggestion of testing for curdling is good. But if you know the trusted source of the milk (like milkmen) then better to buy from him. Adding water is a common practise. Any milkmen will add water as the farmer/milkmen have an orthodox mind tht the buffalo/cow will go dry if as such milk is sold.Only thing is that the milk from a milkmen has to be boiled properly as it is not pasturised one. I do agree with you tht the dairy owner should control for thr distribution of milk. But it is difficult...As far as I know I have visited Chitale dairy farm, very nicely animals are maintained. But no guarantee of distributor. Madurie long back I have written u for school review, but I have not yet received any reply thanks and Regards, Dr.Suvarna

Thanks for the information. Iam sure it will be useful. As far as school review is concerned, kindly remail or re comment if I have not replied as if it is not attented on the same day, its most likely to be never :D, for simple reason, it goes under the pile. Also if the information you are looking for is normally on the blogs. Kindly read the ones you are interested. If anything specific you will get it only in the workshop.

Dear Madhurie, Thanks for the article on testing milk for its purity. Would you reccomend buying milk from the local milkman (not branded), how safe would that be. We have a couple of providers in our area.

Hi srpatil, I wud never reco buying now a days from milk men. In delhi, they buy from the Amul vending machines and mix water :). Hygiene is also a concern. Just keep doing random checks.

@ankit_says The link is very much there, must have been the sever problem.

How to test purity of Milk at home- Chitale, Amul Failed ! « MADHURIE SINGH . COM: via @addthis

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Please don't consume Amul's milk:

Hi Madhurie, I have been chitale milk to my daughter since she was 9 months old .please let me know should i continue with or should i give some other brand thankyou surekha

well no harm so no worries :) wat you can do is randomly test the milk. In summer milk shud go bad if kept out for long. If by chance your milk is still perfect even after 3-4 hours of staying out in this climate, I wud say, test it. Its not the brands but the in between distributors or agents who are culprits.

RT @aparanjape: How to test purity of Milk at home- Chitale, Amul Failed ! « MADHURIE SINGH . COM via @madhuriesingh

RT @aparanjape: How to test purity of Milk at home- Chitale, Amul Failed ! « MADHURIE SINGH . COM via @madhuriesingh

How to test purity of Milk at home- Chitale, Amul Failed ! via @madhuriesingh, @aparanjape

How to test purity of Milk at home- Chitale, Amul Failed ! « MADHURIE SINGH . COM via @madhuriesingh

RT @tweetmeme How to test purity of Milk at home- Chitale, Amul Failed ! « MADHURIE SINGH . COM

I told my mil yesterday who is staying with us about this. She said that day before she tried, she was able to curdle the chitale milk. She first tried with 1/2 lime and it did not curdle. Then she used the other 1/2 and then it curdled. In our area in Kothrud I have not been able to find Katraj. Its mostly Chitale. Could the milk that comes in tetra packs be pure. I usually give formula Nan3 for him as he is still below 2 years . But I notice there is heavy shortage of Nan3 nowadays. So I'm wondering if I should switch to regular cow milk. In our home town, many used to rear cows in their house. So people with toddlers used to get milk from them. This is difficult to find in the cities. So I'm thinking of giving him the milk from the Amul or Nestle tetra pack will be good.

Yes! You are right, I have shifted to tetra pack too. Also the adultration can be in any brand, today Amul tomorrow Chitale :( . Some times testing tetra packs also makes sense. In Africa, Nestle was sued by the Govt. itself for dumping expired product, repacked and claiming mother's milk is not as good as Nestle Milk!!!! So even very reputed brands and companies are not trust worthy.

HI Kavita, That's a great information. I will check on Homogenization. Keep reading, subscribing and commenting.

Hi, First of all Tanks to Madhuri for the wonderful Blog.... Regarding milk my comment is please avoid any milk which sayson the packet "HOMOGENIZED". During Hmogenization anyhing can be added to milk.. So please buy Amul Gold or Brittania Full Cream milk or Chitale full cream milk.. Pasterization of milk is okay.. But pleaase do not buy Homogised milk.. I am a food technologist so this comment is from an expert... Kavita

Good that you changed the brand. But I think, the brands as also victims of the gang of milk poisoners. :( I wish each brand takes more control over their distribution. Although the ghee from Amul Milk is something I find too fishy. It does not even taste or smell like pur cow milk ghee!!!!!!! There was a scam of ghee made out of dead (highway accident) animals fat in UP, that were raided last year.

Wow!! that's good idea to test the milk. When i heard about milk scandle in the newspaper, i changed milk from Chitale to Katraj...:)

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