Review of Vibgyor High School, NIBM, Pune

By Madhurie Singh, November 07, 2011



School Name

Vibgyor High School

Madhurie’s Rating ( 1-5) (low-high)

East Pune


Dorabjee Paradise
Near Palace Orchards
Off Corinthian Club Road,MohammadWadi
Pune– 411 060

Map Location Map
Contact /Person

30446000 /30446008

Landmark Cross Corianthian and take left side road. Keep an eye on a slope to turn just after that to the left. The road is stony so be wary.
Board ICSE / IGCSE 5
Infrastructure Good building for pre-primary and primary. Ok Size playground and goodindoor facility. 4
Age June 2008 onwards 1
Fee Admission fee approx Rs 45000/-

Monthly fee approx Rs 5350/-

Food coupon extra close to Rs 600/-

Transport Compulsory 3
Transport Fee Rs 2000/- per month 1
Class Society High-v high 2
Donation None yet 5
Activities Karate, Music, Dance, Basketball , Football, Gymnastics Skating. Good enough place for each class activity 4
Brand Image  Excellent  4.5
Management Style  New Age and Adapting more kid friendly rules. Parents are treated extremely well as compared to the age old schools. 4.5
School Timing Playgroup, LKG, UKg  :

9:00 am to 12:30 noon.

Ample time for young kids to sleep.


Class 1 – Class 5       09:00am – 3:30pm,

Class 6 – Class 10                     7:00 am to 1:30 pm

Teachers’ Quality The best teachers found. Full marks to their teacher training. 4.5
Principal’s Views Not met
Philosophy of school Child specific and extremely focussed on overall development with no pressure. 4.5
Curriculum Very well designed curriculum. Found that initially it was designed by KKEL but now they have their own designers. 4.5
Boarding No 0
Past Experience 12 previous school in Mumbai, Bungluru, Lukhnow, Hyderabad, Kolhapur, Vadodara 5
Current Classes Playschool, LKG, UKg, Class 1- Class 12 5
Class Strength Preprimary = 25 max, Primary = 25 max 4.5
Teacher: Student Pre-primary 2:20, primary 2:25 4
Age Criteria Playschool :  2.5-3.5 yrs 3
LKg              :  3.5 – 4.5 yrs
UKg             :  4.5 – 5.5 yrs
Class 1        :   5.5 – 6.5 yrs
Student Behavior/ Values Disciplined, Well mannered 4
Parent Teacher Association Just Formed 0
Madhurie’s Rating 95 points: 73%
Excellent School 100%-90%

Very Good School 90%-80%

Good School 80%-70%

Fair School Can Improve 70%-60%

OK School  60%-50%

Bad School 50%-40%

Must Close down School 40%-30%




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Hi Madhurie, I've enrolled my daughter in vibgyor school nibm for jr. kg from 2018-19. I saw your reviews and also did some research and found that school is good, should i continue to search any other school in case :) Thanks, Janhavi.

Hello Mam, Can you please let me know the fees you paid for securing admission for Sr. kg? Admission Fees Yearly Transport if opted? Any other expenses Thanks!

Kindly write to me on [email protected]

Hi wud u pls help me in knowing more about St. Arnolds? We r relocating from delhi n my kids r already going to a convent school and so we r exploring good cbse convent school in pune. pls help.

Hi can u pls tell me more about st. arnolds..? we r relocating from Delhi. my children r studying in convent school and so we r exploring a convent school with cbse board in pune as well.

Hi Madhuri, my elder kid is already going to st. Arnolds and now we are looking for an school option for my younger kid. Pls suggest.

This is Vibgyor School Page :). Kindly fill contact form

I have not written but if you take phone consultation, will let you know. Sorry the site is getting renovated so lots of reviews pending.

hello, I would like to about victorious kidss educare, any reveiws on it.

Not reviewed it yet SHweta.

Hello...would also like to know the review of Tree House High School Karve Nagar.

its nice school.

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