Which Education Board to choose for my child !!!!!!!!!!

By Madhurie Singh, November 27, 2009

When it comes to confusing, the worst is when parents have to choose the right board for their children!

We have CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education)
ICSE (Indian Certificate is Secondary Education)
IB (International Baccalaureate )
and the State Boards.
There are other Boards too which will be added once enough information is collected.

I have tried to do an analysis of all the important boards in India.
Since I studied in CBSE I have preference to it.

CBSE Board :
1: Assures an overall growth of a child.
2: Loads of information and general subjects in the curriculum. This is very good when it comes to general knowledge.
3: The books skim through all topics and all the subjects. They make the children aware of everything and then lets them choose the focus after Xth. Allows them to taste as many subjects without going deep into them. Which is a wonderful and an enriching thing.
4: Best board for kids planning to appear for IIT, CAT, IIM and all entrance exams which are held at national level, open to all eligible children.
5: Also CBSE gives one better chances in appearing for Armed Forces Exams, NDA, IAS, IFS, IPS.
6: All major cities have ICSE schools, hence easy to move around in the country.
7: Extracurricular activities are numerous. Kids get a taste of most activities they can imagine. A lot being compulsory. There is even a mock parliament formed which teaches kids the role and responsibilities of the various members of the Parliament!
8. Kids must work extra if planning to go abroad after Xth. But excellent for those attempting GRE, GMAT after XII or graduation.

ICSE is also a good board.

1: They focus a lot in detailed study of any subject.
2: The children master whatever subject they are learning.
3: There is a lot of focus on language and literature as it’s obvious since it’s linked to UK Cambridge in the past.
4: The GK is detailed and unnecessarily in depth.
5: There is loads of portion to study, which may not be necessary to learn at that stage.
6: Very good for kids wanting to make a career which involves writing, reading, talking, debating, arguing, surveying, historians, geologist etc. The other professional options are also catered by the board like IIT, IIM, CAT, All India entrance exams, but needs extra time and coaching. Even Armed forces exams can be appeared after this board.
7: All major cities have ICSE schools, hence easy to move around in the country.
8: Extra Curricular activites are good but limited to school facilities and infrastructure.
9. Excellent board for those who are migrating from abroad as the curriculum is close to international board.
10. Any kid pursuing higher studies after Xth, abroad. The SAT becomes easy to attempt.

IB Board

1: International board is good but definitely lack the grind that the kids in India need to survive. Any Indian does better than other nationality in any part of the world, because of the immense load, subjects, detailing, population and competition subjected to the child during school days.
2: Excellent for kids whose parents are globe trotters.
3: Can get admission into any IB school any part of the world.
4: Have very few students in each batch, hence focus is high per child.
5: Less number of students in a class also leads to lesser interaction with various types of kids.
6: Outdoor games like football, cricket which are team games, are difficult as the team is too small to play.
7: Kids will never be exposed to Indian culture as the teachers though not 100% are from abroad.
8: Kids do learn in the most interesting and interactive way with the best of equipments.
9: The atmosphere in the school is also very calm and international, with kids taking teachers as their equals.
10.Extremely expensive decision as even a junior kg fee is near Rs 1lac per annum! And the fee increases drastically either every year or every couple of years.
11. International class mates, so exposure is definitely international and a class apart.


1: State Boards are limited in the content and subjects as compared to other boards.
2: They are focused to cater only to one state.
3: Kids from state board find difficult to cope up with IIT, CAT etc and must be coached for the entrace exams.
4: The concepts are generally lagging.
5: Excellent board for kids planning to stay in the same state for life.
6: Excellent for those planning to appear for state cadre jobs. State police, state administration boards etc.
7: Keeps one in touch with the state reality, hence good for those planning to get into state politics.
8: There is compulsory state mother tongue that the child has to study.
9: Overall development depends on the school focus.

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