Why are schools charging online application forms?

By Madhurie Singh, December 19, 2013

I am wondering why are schools charging fee for application forms that are online and has to be printed by the parents, so ideally the school should refund the cost of paper and printing to the same tune of Rs 500 to Rs 750/- to the parents for not incurring these costs!

A few schools have online application forms that need to be downloaded, hand filled and then submitted. So where is the effort of printing logistics involved that they are charging parents any admission application fee?

Also another set of schools have online submission of the application form. Even in this case the schools are not incurring any cost !

Mr Mahavir Mane, since you are making excellent changes, I am hoping you will look into this information too.

If the schools can justify the cost of the application fee, it makes sense. But it’s high time parents raise their voice against these obnoxious charges which have no costs to be justified.

A lot of schools in-fact force the parents to buy the brochures that have nothing extra written in them. Many schools force parents to buy two brochures, even when one is enough for two siblings!

Also I am wondering how will the poors download and submit online application form?

I will be tweeting this using hashtag #schoolapplicationfee.

To take it up my dear parents for your own good, do retweet or

Copy the below mentioned statement and Tweet on twitter or post on your Facebook status.

Dear Mr Mahavir Mane, Dir of Primary Edu Dep, Maha, Kindly help abolish unfair online #schoolapplicationfee.

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