Is it better to soak or eat dry roasted almonds?


Dry vs soaked almonds Almonds are one of the best dry fruits. Its not a nut but a stone fruit.

In my quest to make healthy protein and brain enhancing drink for my boys, I discovered a lot of facts about almonds.

Have you seen people, serving dry almonds or eating them dry roasted with salt?

Well, if you are doing so, sadly you are wasting your money.

Almonds are very hard to digest by humans, if they are not soaked.

Like other seeds, almonds contain enzyme inhibitors, chemicals that help keep them dormant until growing conditions are correct. According to the International Primate Association, these substances can make almonds more difficult for humans to digest.

Did you know, that almond seed, if sown in wintery cold soil, will germinate in spring! Yes, it takes 3 to 5 months to sprout Almond!

Germinating almonds before eating them reduces the levels of enzyme inhibitors present and makes the nuts easier to digest.

Almonds are one of the foods that is highest in phytic acid – even more so than wheat, oatmeal, and soy.

It is taught in the “traditional foods” circles that this enzyme inhibitor must be reduced to aid in digestion and nutrient absorption.

This process requires an overnight soak, followed by rinsing and soaking again for about 24 hours. The almonds swell but do not sprout. (They won’t sprout for months. Infact you need to freeze them for days after soaking, then plant them in cold soil.)

So, did you realize the faulty way of soaking almonds, that you were following till now?

In total 12 hours plus 24 hours needed.

I soak them in the early morning. Then at night rinse and resoak in fresh water. It’s ready to eat the next night or morning after.

If you wish to give them to your kids to help them in their height, then give them at night after 36 hours of soaking.

If you want to give them to keep them active in the day time, give them in the breakfast. Soaked for 48 hours.

If you are an adult, then eating almonds will help your heart and cognitive functions will improve provided, you don’t drink alcohol too much.

Eating right quantity matters.

Minimum 10 pieces if the size is large like California almonds. But why drain country’s money away to USA when you can buy better quality Almonds from grown in Kashmir. They are smaller in size but have more oil and nutrition than the firangi almonds. But these Kasmiri almonds, you must eat atleast 15 to 20 pieces.

Buy them in bulk from wholesale market. Do not buy in malls.

Last but the most important finding.

If you can stone grind the soaked almonds, then you have really done justice to their nutritional values.

I have started making at home protein drink for my sons by mixing almonds, dates, malt with coco. It’s taken me years to figure out the right ratio and proportion that the kids drink happily.

Nutritional facts of 145gm soaked almonds, where dv is daily value need in percentage for any human between age 4 and above whose calorific intake should 2000 calories.

Protein in almonds

Essential Fatty acids



Do you see it contain one fifth weight protein, v high amount of omega 6, calcium, phosphorus, manganese, vit E and a lot of other vitamins and minerals.

It’s like mini powerhouse! No wonder it’s been highly recommended in our ancient scriptures.

If you wish to be part of the sampling and tasting, do post a comment below.


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How to setup instant studio at home to click product images?

You want to sell online, right? Well then do not depend on professional photographers initially.

Start learning the tricks of the business. setup instant studio at home to click product images?

Learn to setup instant studio at home to click product images. It will not just save you money but a load of time too.

A picture says more than a thousand words. And this picture below is just that.

Take a chair and paste white chart paper, nonglossy to be precise.

Stick the chart paper using scotch tape or abro tape.

Always take pictures in daylight before 11 am. This way there will be no shadow to deal with. Also, you won’t need all kinds of lightings.


set up white background and white table


Use your mobile camera to click pictures. The books and jewelry need to be clicked from top angle. Tall products and clothing can be hung on hangers. If possible ask a friend to model for you.


DIY home studio


Watch this video to edit the image. Your image has to be a square always with the top and bottom edges without any white spaces.

image credit: Google



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How to keep the post on top of FaceBook groups?

Have you been frustrated with the way your promotional post got lost in a group on Facebook?

How to keep the post on top of FaceBook groups?

Read on to know this very easy trick to ensure its right on top and visible to everyone all the time.

Its so simple but so effective that I wonder why people who are selling on FaceBook never realized it.

Three things only.
1. Go and like your post or a comment on your post.
2. If someone has commented on your post, go and like or reply to that comment.
3. Add new information as a new comment to your post.

FaceBook moves posts that are active on top. Which means that people are commenting and liking an active post.

So what are you waiting for?
Goto the FaceBook group and comment or like your own post. You may unlikr and like again!

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Top 10 reasons why buyers abandon shopping cart

Top 10 reasons why buyers abandon the shopping cart is an interesting research done by North American Technographic Retail Online Survey, 2009.

As per the survey, the number one reason why people add products but do not pay for the goods in the shopping cart is the high shipping and handling cost. 44% abandon their online cart and have given this reason!

The next reason given is a nice way to say the same thing probably. They mentioned that they were not ready to purchase the product. In my case, I am testing so many online sites all the time that actually it’s true for me.

The third reason people may not buy a cart full of stuff is because they were comparing the prices on other sites. Now, this reason is very valid reason, especially in India. May be, in India, this would be the number one reason as we have very attractive options in FlipKart, Snapdeal, Jabong and Amazon.

The fourth reason that the product price was higher that they were willing to pay is something I am unable to comprehend. When I click a product’s Buy Now button, I am aware of the price, mentioned right next to the button! So why would I be surprised so much so to abandon the cart?

The fifth reason is a very valid reason. Many times, people click a lot of stuff online, so that, in future, when they have time, they can, review and proceed to buy.

The sixth reason is a pretty valid reason too. The shipping cost can be so high that the interest to buy the product dies when it’s right near the checkout process.

The seventh reason may be an irritant but for an online marketplace, it’s important. They definitely would want their customers to register or log in via a social login, as it helps them take all the information only once. Especially the shipping details once entered into the system, ensures faster checkout and less abandonment of the cart.

The eighth reason is a tricky one. The site was asking too much information. Well, to buy something, it may be ok to question why a site is asking too many information. But, I face people who do not want to give any important information about their backgrounds but expect to be suggested the right school for their children.

A slow website can be the saddest reason to abandon the cart at number nine.

The tenth reason is again beyond me when they say we did not have enough information to make the purchase!

Nonetheless, sellers and especially the new entrepreneurs, try to reduce the reasons as much as possible, so that your buyer does not leave the cart.


why people abandon cart


Image source: Google and Shopify blog

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Is it better to own your own ecommerce website or sell on marketplaces like Amazon?

ecommerce marketplaces or my own website


I have a small home based jewellery business and would like to sell online. Is it better to go through a marketplace like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal etc or to do it on my own? If on my own what sites or platforms are suitable? Would be grateful if you could advise me. Sunaina Choksey

This is an interesting question asked by Sunaina on the FaceBook Group for Women Entrepreneurs for online / offline Business.

So here is the answer.

Everything and anything you can do within your budget and limits should be done to build a profitable and successful business.

Recall when you had your baby born. You breastfed, kept awake entire night if the baby was unwell, rushed to the best of the doctors without worrying about the bill, right?

Your business is your new baby, that is just born.

Give all you can to make it grow. If it needs experts to help your business, you must hire them. Your business baby will also need to goto various classes to prosper.

You can build your own website for the initial branding purpose. You will also need to build a FaceBook page. These will help widen your brand visibility.

Your website is needed to build a list of loyal customers which no marketplace will share with you. So, you must have a website if you can afford it. The problem with owning a website is that it’s a pain and it a headache to maintain it. The cost of hosting, domain, security and technical people to maintain your site will be a recurring expense forever. So, build it only when you are ready for it.

You must also read Should you start your own e-commerce store? 

Should you start your own E-Commerce store?

The best way to go is to test the water.

Do you have it in you to sell?

So first start selling. Sell it everywhere you can and you may. Marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart or ShopiU. These marketplaces will give you the experience to sell. You will learn what you can sell easily. You will also find out what should be the pricing and strategy to sell your product.

Slowly, you can build your brand and wealth by selling on the Marketplaces without much of  recurring overheads.

When your brand becomes well know, you must start your own website.

The disadvantages of selling on Marketplaces is that you will not have the list of customers you can connect with to upsell. You will sell and make money but it will take time to build your own brand.

Hence, if you are willing to work hard, take risk and invest, you must go all out. Marketplaces, website, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google and SEO.

Remember, you can not do anything half-heartedly and expect great returns.

Like Page and start Selling.

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Why online business is great earning tool for work from home women in India?

Many women who are working from home are awesome moms. They chose to quit their handsomely paying and promising jobs to be, stay at home moms. Yet, they are not the ones to be satisfied by the “Saas Bahu” serials all the time.
So, many have started to explore avenues to work and earn when they are alone.
And I tell you, this makes me feel immensely proud for them. This decade is the beginning of the era where women have started to realize their worth.
Realization is the first step to change.


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A lot of women have understood the power of social media. I remember, around 4-5 yrs back, I had to hear sarcastic comments from a lot of relatives and neighbors about my active presence on the social media.
But, they must be eating their words, rather bitter tasting now.

I knew the power of social media long ago in 2001, when, I was one day sitting in my Sydney office. I had to claim some cash from the insurance company for a treatment, but they were refusing due to some reason. As we had taken 100% insurance cover, even the visit charges were supposed to be paid in full by them. So I logged into the company’s website and found out the Director’s number. Unlike in India, the numbers were actually are genuine and worked. I called him and explained to him the entire situation. He assured me, that, there should not be any issue and I will be paid back the amount due. And in a couple of hour, I received a call from the health insurance office that the due amount will be credited into my account.

This incident left me in awe. I had managed to call a guy by checking on his company site and do what seemed impossible in India back then in 2001.
And I also realized that the feedback people wrote on the site were genuine. It was this feedback system that was powerful not the person who answered my call.

That’s the time Yahoo was becoming very popular and Yahoo messenger was rapidly growing. Since I was all alone in Sydney, Yahoo messenger became the connecting medium between my family in India and me. That was the time I got hooked on to social media and started to spend more time to explore everything online.

This early interest in social media gave me an insight about the usage of social media that very few around me could even fathom. And when people do not understand something, they either make fun of it or hate it.

I remember being called “Facebook Queen”, “24by7 Internet”. But today, I am reaping the benefits without struggling like most 9-5 working people.

Having poured my heart after a long time, here is the real deal to all the women. Use social media to the fullest. Experiment and fail and re-experiment. There is nothing to loose. You can only gain from it.

All those fearless moms, who have started reselling on Facebook, hats off to you.
You impress me beyond any doubt.

A few tips for you when selling online:

1. Click good photos using your mobile camera on a white background
2. Learn to edit anything distracting right in the phone using crop feature
3. Build relationship within 2-3 groups on FaceBook only. Don’t post on 100 groups
4. Always comment and like when people like or comment on your post
5. Write a big interesting story about the product
6. Always write from your heart
7. SEO should not rule your writing, the content should be great
8. Whenever you want to post a promotional post, find out a good and interesting picture to go with your story
9. Never post only a picture of your product and think it will sell. (It’s like a shop has products displayed but no salesperson or anything written about it anywhere.)
10. This last tip, you must say aloud every time you sell. YOUR FAMILY and FRIENDS are not your customers. They will not buy from you and neither will they give you honest feedback.

I will be more than happy to answer your questions and doubt about new ideas and online selling.

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How to attract buyers if you are selling Jewelry online?

Women who are selling Jewelry on E-commerce platforms like ShopiU must start writing quality blogs about Jewellery and post on ShopiU blogs.

Why should you write a blog if you are a seller?
Buyers are people like you and me. They love more.

Little additional quality information about stones and metals will want them to come back your products.
They will value your information and trust you more.

Follow these words. Good, Quality, Unique Content around your business.

What should you write about?

1. Write about the history of jewelry. When and how people started to make and wear jewelry.

2. Write about the top brands and how they started.

3. Current style trends in India and the world.

4. How to extend the life of jewelry?

5. How often one should clean the jewelry?

6. How to store the jewelry?

How the blog and use of keywords will boost your sale?

  1. Title of the blog is very important. When you use words like “Designer Pendant from Belgium in India” as the title of your blog, you get boost in ranking of these keywords.  So when someone is searching for “Designer Pendant from Belgium in India” in your Blog title tag, will rank your blog higher for this keyword.
  2. Keep the title tag to 60-70 characters long. More than 70 characters do not help in ranking as those characters are not used by search engines.
  3. Don’t bother about meta keywords tag as Google does not use them for ranking any longer
  4. “Meta Description Tag” though may help you to get more clicks on search result page. People read the description of the page, which, looks like a sales pitch to them, thus giving more reason to click. So on the “Designer Pendant ….” page, you may write Meta Description Tag as “10% off for the first 100 buyers” which will definitely make buyers click your site link on search result more.
  5. Write really well-researched content in the blog to add value to the buyer’s knowledge about the Belgium jewelry in India.
  6. Last point is most important and needs 90% of your time and effort. Its called “Link Building”.  Linking to popular and authoritative sites is a great idea. Once you have sold, you may ask the customers to link back to your blog. Large suppliers and Bloggers who write about jewelry can also help you linking back your blog.
  7. To submit your blog, write a blog on jewelry with great pictures and send it If approved, it will be posted on ShopiU blog under your name.

Image source: Google

Slowly, you will become an expert and have an authority on Jewelry. Who doesn’t like to buy from an expert? 😉

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Ask Expert – How to Build Home Based Business

A lot of you have been posting business related questions all over the social media, I think it’s best to have one place where you can ask me questions and I can reply to all your answers.
So I have moved all school and education related articles, School reviews, school admission related questions, reviews of educational products. under School Reviews.

All parenting, work and business related articles will be here as they are intermingled for me as well as you.

You may ask questions related to home business, entrepreneurship, business ideas etc as a comment.
Try to be specific.
If you ask a specific question, I will give you a specific answer.

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new business idea

Having flooded with this question by so many people who want to start a business, this program is dedicated to those enthusiastic wannabe entrepreneurs.

What is the program objective?
To help you come up with a business idea that is successful and makes you tons of money.

This program is for people who want to start earning from a supplementary idea.
Who knows this idea becomes your primary business!

Where is the program conducted?
Online via email, blog post, downloads and YouTube videos.

Duration of the program?
This program will start on 1st June 2016.
All content will be available digitally.
This program is a step by step process that you have to follow.
There will be as many questions and answers via comments on the YouTube video.

You can join any day from 1st June 2016 to 25th June 2016.

Personal and one to one, Q&A will be @ Rs 1999 per hour only for those who finish all the steps mentioned in the program.

  • To attend this program kindly read the following rules and disclaimers.
  • This in ONLINE program only.
  • All material will be available via links to my blogs or YoutTube videos.
  • The process mentioned in the program has to be followed step by step keeping emotions aside.
  • Once you have 2-3 ideas, the decision to go with an idea is totally yours with all logic and gut.
  • Just because you fall in love with an idea, does not mean it will be successful always. But if you follow the process and be open minded, you will not get emotionally attached to the idea, you will find a better idea.
  • Keep moving.
  • The idea and your strength is the best combination to succeed.
  • Be passionate and research a lot about the passion.
  • If you are hardworking, it’s easier to succeed.
  • Starting is the most important point to succeed in comparison to dreaming.
  • This program module is not for get rich quick type idea or MLM.


This is a non-refundable program and under no circumstance, the payment will be refunded, as it is a digital program not a returnable product.

For any query write to me on or 9890036569.
My blog
my youtube channel

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